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Want the latest on the Michael Strahan situation? How about the futures of Gibril Wilson and Kawika Mitchell, both of whom become free agents on Friday? TGI has all the answers you need. Read on…

First, we're well aware that Strahan said his decision wasn't about the money. As a result, you can take it to the bank that that's exactly what it is all about. Strahan told a very close friend that he fully intends to return to Big Blue IF they're willing to give him even a slight raise. However, if Jerry Reese and Co. refuse to budge, as they did last offseason, you can expect Strahan to announce in mid-April that he's going to hang up his Hall-of-Fame spikes. The good news is that the Giants seem willing to work with Strahan and would like to see him return for a 16th season.

As for New York's two key defensive free agents, it doesn't appear too likely that either will be back with Big Blue. The Giants have yet to even extend Gibril Wilson an offer; he's expected to command more than $3 million per year. Both the rival Eagles and Jaguars have identified Wilson as the top available safety in the free-agent market.

Kawika Mitchell played last year for $1 million and is likely to at least double that figure this year. The coaching staff definitely wants him back but Reese is not going to break the bank for a guy the Giants basically signed off the scrap heap last offseason.

If we had to put numbers on it, which we don't but we will, Wilson is probably only 25 percent likely to return, while Mitchell is probably closer to 50-50. Keep checking back with The Giant Insider for all the latest Big Blue news.

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