They said it...

"We let it slip through our fingers at the end of the game, but we were able to hang in there. A win is a win. We let Burnell start running around and Jimmy started breaking some tackles. Burnell's a real competitor and he showed that he's going to fight to the end. When your quarterback is in a fight to the end, that's going to rally everybody else, and that's what he did." - Will Allen

Amani Toomer - We came out with a desire to win today and played tough. We had our backs up against a wall all year, but the difference tonight was that we really executed and made big plays when we needed to. Our execution helped us move the ball up and down the field and we were consistent when we had to be. We went out there and picked up the pace on offense, which is what Coach Fassel wanted us to do. It really helped us to move the ball. This is a real good win for us, we needed this badly.

Luke Petitgout - We can be a good team, but there are a few cracks that we have to patch up. Tiki did a lot today, we were blocking real well, gave Kerry time, it might have been ugly at the end, but a win is a win. Certainly we'd like to go out on a better note, we didn't want to make it that interesting at the end, we missed a couple of field goals tonight, we had that fumble at the end but we pretty much dominated the whole game. No one's ever satisfied with a win like this

Michael Strahan - We did get a turn over and capitalized on it, but we still have to create more turnovers as a team. The first half we basically had a good game, and the second half when they were down they started to put some plays together. Hopefully we can finish the game better next week than we did this week. But the biggest thing is that we won the game.

Ron Dixon - The touchdown reception - I knew it was coming, I was just trying to make a play. It wasn't a perfect route, but Kerry put it in a perfect spot and I just went up and tried to concentrate and keep my feet in bounds. We work on that in practice all the time, it's becoming a second nature to me. I'm glad that replay is in the house. We did a good job executing on plays, we were confident, we were bouncing around feeling good and when you feel good, you can make a lot of things happen. I think as a whole all of us did a great job. You go out there and get a win any way you can and that's what we did. You've got to remember that those guys on the other side of the ball are trying to get the job done too. Those guys came back and fought hard.

Mike Rosenthal - The first half I don't think we were doing anything wrong, we played fast and had a fast temp, and that's what Coach asked us to do this week. We were executing the plays, the line was holding up and the guys down field were doing a good job catching the ball. We were able to mix some runs in there with Ron and Tiki, but the bottom line is we've got to finish the game like that. Thirty minutes aren't going to win a game; we have to play a full sixty. And we're happy to come out with a win tonight.

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