Dixon scores points with coach and fans

Ron Dixon caught a career-high four passes for 46 yards in his first official regular season start, which also included an 8 yard TD.

It was a good night for his first official regular season start.

WR Ron Dixon moved up on the depth chart when the Giants lost Ike Hilliard for the season with a seperated shoulder.

Dixon stepped up to the challenge and caught a career-high four passes for 46 yards, including an 8 yard TD catch.

Dixon's TD came at a crucial time, fourth-and-17 from the Jaguars' 35-yard line with 26 seconds to go to end the half.

QB Kerry Collins found rookie Tim Carter for a 27-yard gain to the 8 yard line. On the next play Collins floated one to Dixon to the right side of the end zone.

Initially the call was ruled incomplete, as the official closest said Dixon was out of bounds. The crowd roared as the replay clearly showed Dixon got his left foot down and dragged the right one before going out of bounds.

The press box officials reviewed the play, and correctly overruled the official on the field giving the Giants the touchdown.

Dixon said "It wasn't a perfect route, but Kerry put it in a perfect spot and I just went up and tried to concentrate and keep my feet in bounds".

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