Rosenthal block was legal

After reviewing the play, Giants Coach Jim Fassel said the block Mike Rosenthal threw on Marcus Stroud was legal.

DT Marcus Stroud and his teammates were not happy with Mike Rosenthal.

Stroud was injured and sprained his knee when Rosenthal rolled into the side of his left leg.

The Jaguars claimed that the move was an attempt to chop block, and asked the league to review the play.

According to the N.F.L. spokesman Greg Aiello, Rosenthal's block was deemed legal. The play was run to the right, Rosenthal was on the front side of the play and is permitted to use a cut block.

If the play had been run to the other side, Rosenthal's block would have been illegal.

Stroud was able to return to the game and was not seriously injured.

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