Shockey's session cut short

Fassel on Shockey "We're just going to have to rest him, which makes me concerned"...

Jeremy Shockey stopped practicing early today because of pain in his injured toe.

"It's sore," Jim Fassel said. "He was running routes in 90 percent of yesterday's practice, then he tweaked it. Then today he stepped wrong on it again and it was sore. He didn't hurt it. It's just sore."

Shockey has missed practice time each week. Has it reached the point where Fassel is uncertain if Shockey will play in a game, or does he expect him to play each week but understands the rookie must sometimes rest during the week?

"The latter," Fassel said. "I think he'll play each week. We're just going to have to rest him, which makes me concerned. There are two concerns there. The lack of practice time: will it affect his performance? He does make mistakes, and it's probably from the lack of practice time."

"The second thing is game-planning to get him the ball. You have to realize at some point in time there are things that he does well that we're going to do, and if he's out of the game, it kind of makes it tough."

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