Tyree Recovering From Knee Surgery

Yes, we were all surprised to learn that Super Bowl XLII star David Tyree was walking around on crutches these days.

Not surprisingly, Tyree said not to worry; that he'd be back to normal by training camp in late July.

"I'll be good to go for the season, which is all that really matters," Tyree said on Tuesday. "There's no better time than now."

Tyree insisted that nothing specific happened to cause the arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. "It's just something that needed to be cleaned up," he explained.

Tyree, who had the surgery last week, said it was better to be safe than sorry.

"It's basically do you do it now or wait until the season and take a chance that something happens," he said.

Once again, Tyree stressed that this was nothing for anyone to get all excited about.

"I'm not the least bit worried about it," he said.

"I'll be 100 percent for training camp."

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