Draft Day is Here – and TGI Tells All

Jerry Reese struck gold in last year's draft, as seven of his eight picks were key contributors to New York's surprising Super Bowl championship run. Now, Reese will again attempt to use the same formula – selecting ready-to-go prospects from mostly big schools – for a repeat draft-weekend performance.

With Reese holed up in New York's war room, TGI gladly steps in and tells you what Reese should do in Saturday's first two rounds.

Round one: While the Giants were hoping that either of two safeties – Miami's Kenny Phillips or Tyrell Johnson from Arkansas State – fell to them with the last pick of the first round, they're plenty happy to land a linebacker. Plenty of consideration was given to Penn State's Dan Connor here, but the Giants pull the trigger on athletic LB Jerod Mayo, who helped himself with a great offseason. The Tennessee ‘backer can play all three LB spots, but will project as a weak side LB in the Big Apple.

Round two: Despite having signed Sammy Knight to replace Gibril Wilson, the Giants remain short on safety help. After going LB in the first round, Reese continues to upgrade the defense with Notre Dame's Tom Zbikowski in the second round. He's very tough, will play the run well, and has displayed great football instincts. Zbikowski appears better in zone, but he is not lost in man coverage. He can also return punts and will make an immediate impact on the defending Super Bowl champs.

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