Jerry Reese on Kenny Phillips

Jerry Reese discussed the picking of Miami S Kenny Phillips with the media. Here is a transcript.

Q:  Any thoughts on trading Jeremy Shockey?

A:  Can we talk about our draft pick?

Q:  I figured I would get to the big stuff right off the bat.

A:  Let's talk about Kenny Phillips, okay?  Jeremy Shockey is our starting tight end.  And I'm going to leave it at that.  Let's talk about the draft pick.  There is really nothing to talk about.  Jeremy Shockey is our starting tight end, and really that is the end of the story.  Anybody want to talk about the draft pick?

Q:  What do you like about him?

A:  Who? Kenny Phillips?  There are a lot of things we like about Kenny Phillips.  We like his size; we like his speed.  He is multi-dimensional.  We like those kinds of players - guys that have played corner before.  We think he can do down and play on your third receiver if he has to.  He is smart and he is a good person.  We like all of that stuff about him. He was clean.  He has been a three-year starter at a high level of competition.  And he is young kid that is going to only get better; nothing but upside for this guy. 

Q:  He said he had not really had a lot of contact with you guys since the Combine...

A:  Some guys are clean and you really don't have to do a lot of extra work on.  So we had him targeted and he was clean.  You don't spend a lot of extra time with clean guys.  You spend a lot of extra time with guys you may have some issues with and you need to clear some things up about.  So we didn't have a lot to clear up about him.  We like Kenny; we like him a lot.

Q:  Player of need?

A:  Absolutely.  We got nice value and we got a need position as well.  So that is what we like to do in the draft.  We talk about it all of the time.  We don't want to reach for guys.  We got what we wanted.  We got the need and we got value with the player; with this pick.

Q:  Some picks are 'easy' for you?

A:  Yeah, I think it was a pretty good pick.  You never know what you are going to get with these guys.  But it was a pretty good pick for us.  We felt good about him; we felt great about him, as a matter of fact - that the guy fell down to us.  We felt like he was a really good player in the first row.

Q:  Was there much discussion of other guys?

A:  There were several other guys.  We always discuss enough guys in your window to have enough to pick when it is your time to pick.  So if your number one guy goes, you have several other guys to pick from.  So we had several discussions about several other people; players we had in the first row.

Q:  Does the Miami safety pedigree play into this at all

A:  Not for us.  Obviously they have had good safeties to come out of there.  We just left like he was a good player; not that he played in Miami.  We just felt like he was a really good football player that was only going to continue get better and have a lot of upside.

Q:  Is he more of a free or strong safety?

A:  I think he can play both. He is a free safety.  He can invert and do anything you want him to do back there.  So we love those kind of guys; versatile guys; versatile guys.  I talked to one of his coaches.  He said, "This guy is a really good athlete.  He can play corner."  At Miami they think he can play corner.  So that is what kind of athlete we have with him.  So it is exciting to get a good, young player like that.

Q:  Were you sure he would slide to 31?

A:  Absolutely not.  I didn't think he would make it that long.

Q:  How hard was it to judge him due to fact that his team did not do well?

A:  That didn't play into anything for us.  We look at the player.  We really don't look at the record and what is going on.  Just like Kawika Mitchell.  People probably said that about him.  He didn't play on a good defense.  But we look at the player.  We really don't care if the defense is not very good.  We are looking at what the player is doing.  So that is how I try to evaluate players.

Q: Will he get on the field as a rookie?

A:  Well obviously he is going to come in and play on special teams anyway, if nothing else, until he learns what to do.  And we feel like in time he should challenge for some playing time back there and eventually become a starter for us I think.

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