Here's Kenny Phillips...

Here's what Kenny Phillips had to say shortly after he was selected in the first round by Big Blue...

Q: You seemed to be the consensus as to who they were going to pick? Were you surprised at all?

A: Yeah, I am. Because I knew a lot of mock drafts have said that I was going to go to the Giants. But I really don't feed into all of that, and I haven't talked to them a lot. So I definitely was surprised.

Q: What do you bring to the table?

A: I bring versatility. I can come down and stay in the box. I can go back there and be a ball hawk. ….. I can go down there – be that guy on special teams. Or just whatever the team needs me to do I, can do that.

Q: How does it feel to be joining a team and the defense that won the Super Bowl last year?

A: To me it is a blessing. A lot of guys want to go as high as possible and they don't fall into teams and fall into situations just like I did. I am going to the reigning Super Bowl champs with a great defense. So I'm going to come in and I'm going to learn and try to make a statement.

Q: What kind of statement do you think you are going to make?

A: Just basically the statement they want me to make. They want me to come in and be that playmaker, they want me to come in and make tackles, make big plays and just be a difference-maker.

Q: With that kind of confidence do you expect that you will be competing for a starting job for opening day?

A: That is the goal. When it all falls down I definitely want to be competing for the starting job. But I am not going to rush into the game. I'm just going to come in, listen to the veteran players and learn from the coaches, and just try to get my feet wet.

Q: There have been a lot of safeties recently that come from Miami. You are the fourth one to get drafted in the first round this decade. Is there anything you can point to for that or is it just a coincidence?

A: I think I can say ……. It is huge. We have great secondary coaches. And the reason I think ….. because those guys that went before us like Ed Reed, ……Brandon Merriweather, those guys come back and they teach us like us and they tell us …………. And we just add it to our game.

Q: Were you worried that Miami might not have a first rounder this year?

A: No. Every year there is a big write up down here in our papers saying, "Will the streak end here?" I definitely thought about it but in the end it really wasn't something I felt that was going to end. I definitely thought I was going to go in the first round. And it happened so I'm just happy.

Q: Are you strictly a free safety do you think?

A: No sir. I played both in college. We were interchangeable. So I can do either one; whatever they want me to do.

Q: There seemed to be some mixed feelings that you would go a lot higher and then there were others who thought you might actually drop as far as 31 to the Giants. Why do you suppose you dropped down to 31?

A: I am really not too sure. I had a great record at the Combine, Pro Day. I had a great junior season…….. We just didn't do well as a team. And I think organizations don't want to take someone from a losing team. And I think the team record kind of hurt me.

Q: Being a Miami guy, do you know Jeremy Shockey at all?

A: I know him. I haven't spoken to him or anything like that. But I do know him. But I am really close with Sinorice Moss.

Q: Are you looking forward to playing with Jeremy Shockey?

A: Oh yeah, definitely man. I watched him come along. The intensity that he brings to the game is amazing. So I'm looking forward to playing with him.

Q: Are you sure that is going happen, because we are not?

A: Well, I hope it does. And if not I wish him the best. But right now I'm just glad to have him as a teammate.

Q: Who called you from the Giants? Was it Coach Coughlin?

A: No, I spoke to him second. I can't remember what the first guy's name was because it was so loud. But he passed me along to Coach Coughlin.

Q: What do you know about Coach Coughlin?

A: Honestly I don't know much. I don't know a lot about him. I'm looking forward to learning a lot about him. I want to be there for the next few years. Pretty much to me, seeing him on TV, he seems like a real cool guy; a really nice guy; someone who is going to push you and expect the best.

Q: Did you have any experience talking to Steve Spagnuolo? And what did you get from him?

A: I'm not sure. I probably talked to him …… when they first called. I remember going into the meeting room and drawing up some plays on the board and stuff like that at the Combine. But other than that I really didn't have any interaction with him.

Q: Was that the last time you spoke to the Giants before today?

A: Yes. One of the guys came to the Pro Day but other than that, no.

Q: Did you watch parts of the Giants defense last year in the playoffs?

A: Yes, basically I was just watching the guys up front. They set out to be the most --- they…….. a young guy like me needs those guys in front. Putting that pressure on the quarterback; allow the corners and DBs to make plays.

Q: To some people, playing in New York especially as a first round pick can be very intimidating? What you are expecting from yourself in order to melt in here and not get caught up in the spotlight?

A: Just come and just learn; learn from the players, the veterans, listen to the coaches. And just go out there and play football. Of course guys are going to be bigger, faster, and stronger. But I'm not slow; I'm not small. So I definitely feel that I'm going to come in and make an impact.

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