Press Conference: Bryan Kehl & Andre Woodson

Bryan Kehl and Andre Woodson answered questions for the media today. Here is a transcript.


2008 Fourth Round Draft Selection

Friday, May 09, 2008

Q:  How did the first day go?

A:  First day in the books.  It was good. I enjoyed it.  It went really well.

Q:  Talk about the work you did today, obviously a lot of work on specials, right?

A:  Yeah, we did. We started off practice with the special teams and the middle of practice we stopped and did special teams work.  It is kind of different transferring from NCAA to the pro level.  Special teams are really a big part of both games but because the roster is so much smaller everybody has to take part.  So I'm excited to be a part of that

Q:  Coach Coughlin said he made the point to you guys that free agents played a lot of special teams slots last year.  So obviously you have to show that you can do that.

A:  Yeah, I expect to be probably on all phases of the special teams come Week One.  So I have to get ready to go.

Q:  You and Jonathan (Goff) seem to have a lot in common. 

A:  Yeah, we were just sitting and talking about that - engineering degree.  Yeah, very similar - met him at the Shrine Game.   He is a solid guy. It is great to be playing with him. 

Q:  Construction site out back.

A:  I think he is a little further on in the degree than I am.  So he probably understands that more than I would.

Q:  What was it like as you guys approached the draft?  Did you have any sense that you would be selected by the Giants?

A:  Just a little bit.  At the Combine we had formal interviews.  And so there were six teams that I had one of those with.  Giants were one of them.  So I thought that maybe it would be one of those six teams.  It is so great - the interview that I had with the Giants.  And I was excited to come here - the Super Bowl champs.  I can never complain about that.  I didn't really expect it but I thought I would be possible.

Q:  Your family has a pretty rich tradition playing at BYU.   Tell me about your two years off from football.

A:  LBS Mission - it is not mandatory.  It is optional.  And it was something that I always wanted to do.  I have four older brothers and they all did it.  My father did it.  So it was something I wanted to do from a young age.  You go when you are 19.  You get called anywhere in the world.  I got called to Canada and was there for two years.  You are away from you family.  You get four phone calls home in those two years.  All of the other communication is just letters.  Your whole purpose is just to serve the people of that area.  So it was a great experience for me.

Q:  When you have to take the two years off, did you ever think, "Okay, I'm going to lose some interest from different teams."  Or do you every think you are going to lose your football ability during those years off?

A:  Honestly, that is the risk you take.  Some guys --- coming from BYU we had about 70 guys who went on and did that mission.  And there are some guys you will see before and then they leave, they come back.  You see after the come back that they have definitely lost an edge.  But there are some guys who will leave, they will come back and they will just pick up right where they left off.  And I was blessed and privileged to be able to leave and keep in pretty good shape and came back and picked up right where I left off.

Q:  What is your mindset going into this season with the Giants?  They have lost a couple of linebackers.  So how do you see yourself fitting into this team?

A:   I'm just one of those types of players who will do whatever is asked of me.  So I think it is a great situation because you can come in and compete.  But when it comes down to it, I'm just going to do everything that is asked of me.  If that is play, I'll play.  If it is special teams, I'll do whatever they ask me.

Q:  How do you see yourself, strong side, weak side, where do you think you strength lies?

A:  It is just wherever they ask me to play.  In college I played the 3-4.  So it is quite a bit different.  I'm starting to adjust to this 4-3 stacked alignment.  And so right now I'm at SAM.  It feels great.  And so, I don't know.

Q:  What do you think is going to be the biggest adjustments for you going from 3-4 to 4-3?

A:  I would say just the angle.  In the 3-4 I was always locked out.  You are coming at a different angle and so now I'm kind of stacked with the d-line in front of me as opposed to the side of me.  But that is probably the biggest difference right there. 

Q:  Giants trading up to draft you.

A:  Yeah, I approached that.  It definitely was.  It was something that I took notice of.  And you have to recognize and with that comes a high responsibility that is, if you will, a higher investment. I think they expect to get more out of me and I expect to give more. 


Andre' Woodson

2008 Sixth Round Draft Selection

Friday, May 09, 2008

How has the first day been?

So far today it has been pretty good.  Obviously the speed of the game just changes a lot and there is a lot more talent so right now I think all of us are just trying to pick up this playbook.  There is a lot of different verbal use so I think once we get that down we will be pretty good.  For just the first day of practice I think it went pretty well.

How tough is it to comprehend the playbook in a short amount of time?

It is pretty tough because the coaches obviously are throwing a lot at us right now and just trying to see how we respond to it and how well we pick this up.  I think for the most part everybody is doing a great job, but obviously there is a lot more to go.

You don't often see two Kentucky quarterbacks on the same roster?

Ha ha, no you don't, you really don't.  I am just glad to be up here with Jared and to have this opportunity to get coached by this coaching staff.  Obviously it is a dream come true.

Have you spoken to him at all?

I haven't spoken to him since I have been drafted.  I know that they will probably be up here sooner or later and I will get a chance to see him again.  The last time I saw him was about a half a year ago.  He was down in the athletic department to see us.

What is it like coming to a team where their starting quarterback is the defending Super Bowl MVP?

Yeah you don't really know how to respond, but obviously you still got drafted and you have the opportunity to live your dream.  Obviously I have a chance to get coached by a great coach in Coach Palmer and I am just learning a few things behind him and maybe later down the road I will get an opportunity to get somewhere or you never know what might happen.

How do you get their attention?

Well I just think you really have to do a great job of learning the offense, showing that you can become a very well-developed quarterback later down the road and obviously just continue to really do a good job in practice and showing them that you can learn and learn at a fast pace, which obviously in the NFL you really have to be very good at.  I think that just shows them a lot and obviously maybe later down the road it could eventually get you into a situation where you can get put on the field.

What was your reaction to getting drafted by the Super Bowl champions?

I was thrilled.  Obviously the draft didn't go how I had planned it to go, but just to finally hear my name called I think it was wonderful and I am just glad to be in this situation.

Did you expect to go higher?

Yeah I was told the entire draft that I was going to go a lot higher than I did and obviously that didn't work out like planned, but things happen for a reason.  There is some reason why I am here and I am just glad to have another chance to get out on the field and continue to play football.

Why do you think you fell so far?

I really don't know.  I think a lot of people still to this day don't really know why I dropped as much as I did, but like I said, things happen and I am still blessed to be in this situation.

What round were you expecting to go in?

The second round.  Everyone was telling me that.

Did you know the Giants were interested at all?

Obviously not.  I had talked to Coach Palmer, he was at my pro day, but that was the only time that I really had contact with them.   Not once were the Giants in my mind the entire time.  I knew they had Eli and I was just hoping for a team to pick me up.  It came to that sixth round and they said I was the best player on the board and I was just glad that they took the opportunity to get me.

Do you think it is odd that you would be so highly rated, throw 40 touchdown passes, and then fall so far in the draft?

Yeah you definitely don't think when you have a career like that you are going to be dropped as much as I did, but for some reason I did drop and I just have to do a great job being very positive and bouncing-back and when I finally do get the opportunity be well-prepared for it and showcase what I have.

Do you still feel like you can play in this league?

Oh definitely, yes sir.

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