Steve Spurrier Q and A

Q&A with Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier

What are your thoughts about coming up here for this NFC East Division battle?
Well, we're starting a lot of our division games now, five of the last seven. If we're going to get back in that division hunt, we're trying to get back even with the Giants. It'll be a tough game. They are a good team, and I'm impressed with their defensive team and their offensive team. So, anyways, we're trying to play well and trying to get ourselves a victory if we can.

Were you disappointed or surprised with the way your offense has been working?
Yeah, I'm a little frustrated at times that we have not performed quite as well as I had hoped or expected. But that's the way it's happened and we just have got to keep plugging along and take care of some errors and get a little bit better here and there. Get a little bit better on the play calling. It all goes in there. Sometimes you can have some better plays called, trying to coach the quarterback to get to some plays occasionally and things like that. So we're struggling but there's still hope.

Are you worried about Jessie Armstead this week jiving with the Giants before the game?
If he wants to say hello to his pals I understand that. The part I don't really like is when they're laughing and giggling and jiving and all of that stuff. To me, when the game ends there's a winner and loser and the loser should act like a loser. That's just the way that I look at it, and as you know sometimes some guys have a way of getting over losses than I think they should. So that's a part we're if we get our butts beat fellas we don't need to be out there laughing and giggling with guys on the other team. Say hello and get your butt off the field and lets try to get better and make sure that doesn't happen a lot of times to us.

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