Q&A with Jeremy Shockey

The rookie TE talks about the Redskins game.

Jeremy Shockey's Press Conference

Is this the game you've been looking for?

It was close, but I missed some key passes. Kerry had a great game and he

really gets all of the credit because if you give him time and he sets his

feet he will throw it perfectly every time. The O-line blocked well, we

were running the ball well and any time that happens it is going to open up

the passing game.

Re: The play where helmet came off.

I hardly remember it. It was a little option route, I caught the ball,

turned up the field and some guy went at my legs and I was lucky enough to

shed one and keep going.

How much communication do you and Kerry have on the field?

Timing was excellent today and that's one thing where if you keep working on

it, it will keep working better. Sometimes it was there and sometimes it

wasn't. But, he gets all of the credit. Him and the O-linemen. To deliver

perfect balls like that every time is something special.

If at the line of scrimmage you didn't see the match-up that you like could

you move as much as you wanted?

Not really. It's just that I was fortunate enough today to get the breaks

and it doesn't happen like that every time. We should keep getting better,

myself included. It' like I said, I dropped a couple of balls and missed a

couple of blocks that could have sprung the ball open.

How are you able to play like this with such a sore toe?

It's just emotion. I mean, that's why I play the game and that's why a lot

of people play this game. It's like Tiki shows emotion but he does it with

his actions. I try to do it with my actions and with my body.

Do you think you've take the place of Jessie in the locker room?

I don't know about that. Jessie is a great player and I don't know about

that. We both come from the same school and that's what the coaching can

do. He played a great game and they had a great defense. But, we just had

a great game plan. With Coach Fassel, it just seemed that every time he

called the plays they were the right plays. Every time its not like that,

but today it was and he called a great game and Kerry threw the ball


Have you always been an emotional player or going through that program at

Miami is that something that you have picked up?

I don't know. I guess so. It's a war out there and either they're going to

hurt you or you're going to hurt them. I just go out there and play with my

heart and I go out there and play just for the game.

Was it by design that you caught that many balls this week?

Not really, it was just something that kind of happened. I guess Kerry felt

comfortable delivering it to me and the timing was good. He was on early

and put the ball perfectly in every spot. When the defender wasn't there he

would put it there and when the defender was on the other side he would put

it there. He's a great quarterback and the O-linemen blocking gave him


When the coach gave you the message this week that you had to have better

percentage and you were going to be involved more what was your reaction?

I don't know, its not something I think about. I realized I was 7 for 18

when he told me that. I didn't realize that, actually. So its just not

something you think about when you're out there, you know 'I'm going to get

my percentages better.' I go out there on instinct and I have a great Tight

End coach in Coach Pope who helped me a lot.

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