Camp Countdown: 3

In the coming days, we'll take a closer look at some of the more prominent categories upon which to focus as training camp nears.

The pressure is on:

Eli Manning – You didn't think a simple thing like a Super Bowl win would take the pressure off Manning, now did you? For as much as he performed lights out during the Super run, there were also times last season that his play left something to be desired. Fairly or not, the fans are going to be expecting the playoff version of Manning for the rest of his career.

Osi Umenyiora – New York's lone Pro Bowler last season suddenly has the weight of Michael Strahan on his shoulders. Umenyiora needs to step up not only his play but his leadership skills this season – and both have already been at pretty high levels. Unlike in years past, when teammates looked to Strahan, Umenyiora will have to be the one to make the big third-down play.

Antonio Pierce – The Giants need a lot from their middle linebacker this season. He's coming off what for him was a subpar season and, especially with Strahan's absence, they're going to be looking his way often. To be honest, there's not a whole lot of pressure on Pierce, but we know he reads the papers and loves to use being called out as motivation, so here goes. You're welcome, AP.

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