The Big Man Speaks

The most interesting pre-camp conversationalist was RB Brandon Jacobs. Here follows some of what Jacobs had to say as camp was about to begin.

Q: Are you excited about another camp and this team's chances?

A: Course, why not? We can't dwell on the past, the past is gone and that's why it's called the past of course, but it's a new season. We're coming in, we're playing for the same thing. We've got a lot of young guys. We lost some people that we need to be able to make up for on offense.

Q: What about the leadership, are you ready to step up to some of those guys and lead them?

A: Oh definitely. I've been waiting for my chance to be able to step up and be vocal on this offense for three years now, going on four. I'm very excited about my chances this year. As the running back group, me, Derrick, Ahmad, Rueben, basically the same guys that we went into it with last year, I'm kind of excited to see what shakes out.

Q: Why does this team get no respect, why does everybody think that this team can't not only repeat, but win the division?

A: I have no idea. To be honest with you, I could care less what people think. People thought that we couldn't win nothing last year, we suck, we can't do this, we can't do that right, we can't get out of our own way, stuff like that. It's all right, cause we got the ring from last year, when they were all talking the smack. It's a new year.=2 0We got 16 first games to prove ourselves.

Q: You believe?

A: Oh definitely. I believe, and I think that every guy that's here with me, on this campus, believes.

Q: Brandon about your QB after all that he did last year? Do you think that he deserves a little more credit than he's gotten?

A: No, he deserves all the credit that he's gotten. He deserves his MVP he got at the Super Bowl. I think Eli is (coming out of his own shell) now and he'll be a solid quarterback from here on out.

Q: He played this game with a lot of passion and energy, is part of you sad to see Shockey go who also played that way?

A: Oh definitely. Shockey was a big p art of our offense and running game, passing game. It's kind of sad for me to see him go. It's just the fact that I got the news and with those type of things in this business, you can't really get a chance to say goodbye to someone that you know…cause me and Shockey were very close.

Q. Contract issues have played a big part in minicamp, will they play a big part in training camp?

A. With who? I have no idea. I'm fine with playing with what I'm making this year. I don't have a problem at all with playing with my salary and hitting the market.

Q. Nothing new at all?

A. No idea. I'm done now. I'm finished…it's camp time. I don't want to be talking about negotiations and talking to my agent back and forth every chance I got. It's camp time. I'm focused.

Q. Will you let your agent still do that, or do you just not want any contract talks at all?

A. Well he can't do it if I don't do it. It's that type of thing. Like I said, I'm just coming in, a lot of people still want me to prove myself just to prove that I can play 16 games. Why sign a deal with you and not care with stuff that's not fair, rather than just play 16 games to prove myself and still go through it in March?

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