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Want the latest Giants news from up in Albany? Here you go...


*LB Antonio Pierce sat out for the first time all camp with a sore shoulder..

*WRs Plaxico Burress (ankle), Steve Smith (groin), David Tyree (knee/PUP) and Mario Manninghan (groin), LBs Gerris Wilkinson (knee/PUP) and Danny Clark (sports hernia), CB Sam Madison (sports hernia) and OT Shane Olivea (back).

*WR Amani Toomer (leg) seemed to be a bit limited.

*G Chris Snee came out midway through practice.


*QB Eli Manning looked for TE Kevin Boss on a quick out to the right side, but Boss didn't turn around in time. Manning then found FB Madison Hedgecock on a quick out. Hedgecock made a juggling catch after bobbling it at first.

*Manning misfired on a deep in for WR Michael Jennings. His best ball of the night was a rollout fade to TE Michael Matthews for a TD over a defender.

*CB Corey Webster would have none of WR Domenik Hixon catching a fade on the left side. He stayed all over Hixon and knocked the ball away. Webster also stayed stride for stride on a go from QB David Carr to WR Sinorice Moss. Webster had such good position it almost looked like he was the intended receiver. Webster knocked it away for a PD.

*Hixon ran a perfect comeback to get separation from CB R.W. McQuarters and make a diving catch. McQuarters bounced back with a PD a few plays later when WR Craphonso Thorpe ran the same pattern.

*DE Justin Tuck got squashed by RB Derrick Ward on a run up the middle. "I closed my eyes," Tuck yelled toward Burress, Smith and Tyree - one of whom was giving Tuck the business.

*CB Aaron Ross might have tackled RB Ahmad Bradshaw on one play if it was a real game. Or me might have been juked out of his cleats. Bradshaw made an awesome move and Ross only got a hand on him. It might have been because Ross was going easy on the ballcarrier, as instructed. Or it might have been because he was stunned by the back that all of a sudden wasn't there.

*K Lawrence Tynes' FGs: 30ish (good), 35 (good), 37 (good), 41 (no good, wide right).


*G Kevin Boothe dominated 9-on-7 drills. He pulled on two plays and crushed LBs Chase Blackburn and Tank Daniels, respectively.

*I've seen some of the ugliest screens ever so far in camp. Today's example was when QB Anthony Wright flung one toward RB Kay-Jay Harris. The ball went right through Harris' hands and probably should have been picked off by somebody on D.

*Harris fumbled during team drills. DE Dave Tollefson punched it out from behind.

*DE Renaldo Wynn came around the end to make a stop on RB Danny Ware.

*Nice stop by S Craig Dahl on a counter run by Harris. Dahl got some props after the play from safeties coach Dave Merritt.

*Gorgeous diving catch by Thorpe on a comeback from QB Anthony Wright with CB Geoffrey Pope nearby. Thorpe later kept perfect body position to shield S James Butler on a comeback from QB Andre' Woodson. Thorpe felt Butler behind him and didn't have to look up.

*Thorpe can thank FB Robert Douglas for a tremendous blitz pickup (couldn't see which player it was) that gave Woodson time to go deep. Thorpe, who had himself a nice practice tonight, ran the post past S Nehemiah Warrick, who was then scolded by Merritt. "That can never, ever happen," Merritt yelled as Warrick trotted back to the huddle.

*LB Chase Blackburn keeps making plays. I mean, this guy couldn't get a job after the draft a few years ago and now he's a steady backup in my mind. Tonight, he stayed with Boss on a post into the end zone and wrestled with him to grab a ball from QB Anthony Wright for an INT.


*DT Ogemdi Nwagbuo handled T Guy Whimper and busted into the backfield to make a stop on 9-on-7s.

*WR Brandon London made his first nice grab in a few days on a skinny post over CB Kevin Dockery. Not a bad ball at all from Woodson. London then did a great job of accelerating to at least get his hands on a deep incompletion from Manning. The ball was overcooked and I didn't think London had a prayer of getting there, but he dove and almost made the catch after getting past CB Terrell Thomas.

*Good job by LB Jonathan Goff to stay with Moss on a stop-and-go up the middle. Wright was forced to take a check-down pass to London underneath. No sooner did I just write that than Goff was beat by TE Eric Butler on a middle post. Goff was there, he just didn't get a hand up.

*LB Bryan Kehl shot the gap on a shotgun draw to make a stop on Bradshaw. The offensive coaches were not happy with whoever missed the block.

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