Bradshaw Speaks

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw finally broke his camp-long silence...

ALBANY, NY – For the first time since news broke of his being jailed for 30 days in Virginia in June, Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw spoke to reporters. In a group interview that lasted a little more than five minutes, Bradshaw made it clear that his stay in jail was due to two incidents that were already public: his arrest for underage drinking and resisting arrest in 2004 and his conviction of petty larceny after allegedly stealing a video game system from a fellow student while enrolled at Marshall.

"It just kept going on, with the situations I had in college, it just kept going," Bradshaw said.

When asked which previously reported offense was considered a violation of his probation, Bradshaw said, "Both of them. Both of them are the reason they kept this thing going since I was 15."

Of course, the question is why didn't Bradshaw or his lawyer say this from Day 1? Why leave it open to interpretation that there might have been another recent incident since he was drafted that led to his imprisonment. For that answer, you have to read between the lines and realize Bradshaw and his lawyer are working with the authorities to get as easy a sentence and a stay in prison as possible. For them to say the State of Virginia kept this thing dragging for years is an implication that they're slacking on the job.

Plus, Bradshaw confirmed he still has another 30 days to serve after this season. Bradshaw said he found out about that when he received the original sentence in April.

The bottom line is he clearly got tired of people suggesting he had done something since being drafted by the Giants. We knew Bradshaw had previous issues and so did the Giants. It was just a matter of whether or not he would be able to keep himself on the right path from here on out. So far, despite the recent stay in prison and the rumblings from those removed from the situation that he continues to find trouble, he has stayed incident-free.

"I've done nothing wrong since I was drafted by the Giants," Bradshaw said. "There's no question about that. It should be over with after those 30 days. All this comes from a juvenile offense."

When asked if it's been frustrating to hear and read people assume he's done something recently, Bradshaw said, "Of course. Those are inaccurate assumptions."

Bradshaw continued to say that the whole ordeal can be chalked up to a learning experience.

"It's just life man…you've just got to grow from your mistakes," he said. "That's what I did, and that's how I look at it. I was there for a reason, and now I just have to learn from it."

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