Rookie Report

A closer look at how Jerry Reese's second draft class is performing…

Kenny Phillips – Talk about a smooth customer. Phillips has been just about everything anyone could have hoped for so far. The range he's displayed has been very impressive. While he hasn't been able to light anyone up yet, he's already laid a few shoulders into offensive players, knocking them down in the process. He's going to be really fun to watch as the preseason begins.

Terrell Thomas – For as good as Phillips has been, many around the organization are equally excited about what Thomas can bring. He's already made his fair share of plays and showed a great ability to cover receivers, but where he's expected to really excel is in jamming receivers off the line of scrimmage and playing the physical, press style of defense that Steve Spagnuolo preaches.

Mario Manningham – The top two picks have been very impressive. Unfortunately we can't say the same about number three. Manningham has been slowed by a groin injury, which has kept him off the field for the better part of training camp to this point. When he has played, he's showed flashes but also the usual expected rookie mistakes. This isn't to say that he's not going to turn into a bona fide threat; just that he hasn't given anyone that indication yet.

Bryan Kehl – Boy can this guy ever run. Kehl has that one thing that you just really can't teach – instincts to find the ball. Sure he's been lost at times out there, which isn't exactly cause for alarm. But he's also showed that he can probably handle things on this level as he gets more and more comfortable not only in the defense, but in his own skin. The Giants were raving about his athleticism following the draft and now we can see why.

Jonathan Goff – He's been one of the bigger surprises, in his ability to stuff the middle and be in the right place at the right time more often than not. Goff sure looks like a keeper so far. He moves well for a middle linebacker and could be a guy that contributes heavily on the special teams coverage units.

Andre' Woodson – Patience, Giants fans. There's no need to panic yet. Woodson is obviously having a tough time learning the system and getting comfortable in his throws. He can only get better from here.

Robert Henderson – Has some speed and athleticism, but Henderson might need a little kick in the pants from time to time. He's going to have to work real hard to knock either Dave Tollefson or Renaldo Wynn out of the rotation.

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