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Here's who's hot and who's not from up in Albany...

Who's Hot…

Domenik Hixon – He's really stepped up and played very well in Plaxico Burress' absence. What a great acquisition.

Kevin Boss – Has done very, very well in camp after being thrust into the starting tight end spot. Simply put, he catches just about everything.

Fred Robbins – Everyone in Albany, including the wait staff at lunch, has had nothing but great things to say about the leaner, trimmer Robbins.

Kenny Phillips – It didn't take him long to work his way into receiving some reps with the first team.

Reuben Droughns – He's looked fantastic during camp. He's running with much more purpose and appears lighter and faster.

Danny Clark – He sure moves around the field very well and seems to be a big hit with his teammates and the media so far.

Shane Olivea – With his problems hopefully buried in the past, Olivea just comes out and works hard – every snap of every drill.

James Butler – We keep trying to get him out of the starting lineup and he keeps making plays to justify his spot.

Who's Not…

Darcy Johnson – Here's hoping the talented Johnson can lose the inhibitions that appear to be holding him back from busting out.

Andre' Woodson – We can't bury a rookie this early, but it sure would be nice to see something positive out of him, anything.

Michael Jennings – He seems to be slipping in the battle for the reserve WR spots. He might have beaten the Giants odds for the last time.

Mario Manningham – After missing time due to injury during rookie minicamp, he's been on the sideline more than the field so far.

Nate Robinson/Terrance Stringer – The first two casualties of camp.

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