Kerry Collins Q&A

"You can't take anything for granted in this league," said QB Kerry Collins as he answers some questions about the upcoming game against the Texans.

Q: Is there any chance of overconfidence in this game?
A: There is not. If there is one thing I know about this game, it doesn't matter when you look at records or the team you are playing or what they have done or you haven't done. If you don't play well enough to win, you are not going to win. That's the bottom line. This is the NFL. You are seeing more and more parity than ever before. " We know what kind of team they have. They have a good defense. I don't know about their offense, but they beat Jacksonville and Jacksonville is a good team. They started off by beating the Cowboys. We are not thinking anywhere along those lines.

Q: How about the extra week you have had to work with your new receivers?
A: Yes. It has helped. I got some more work with Herman this week. He looks good. I think he is getting used to what we are doing a little bit and the terminology and it's going to help us this week. Everyone else feels comfortable with where we are at and what we are doing. But, we need to bring Herman along and make sure he's ready to go.

Q: After where you were three weeks ago, do you feel the team has gotten a second life?
A: Well, I think we have ourselves in a position to make a run for the playoffs. Three weeks ago, we weren't there, but we fought through some tough times and we put together some wins. But, those don't mean anything unless we win the next week. That is kind of the tide we are taking. We are trying to keep pace with Philly. They are up on us right now, but we just have to keep doing what we are doing. We feel like we have a good plan and a good formula and we will try to continue to win ballgames. That's it.

Q: Do you think you and Herman Moore can establish a rhythm in such a short amount of time?
A: Obviously, what we are going to do is limited with Herman. He can't be in here for two weeks and expect to know the whole offense. He will have his plays and I think we have gelled well so far. He is a guy that has been around and has a lot of experience. He is a big guy; he is a big target. He is a strong, physical guy. I like throwing to those kinds of receivers and Herman fits that mold.

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