Rookie Goff Injured

DETROIT – Here are the third-quarter highlights from Detroit...

A shadow was cast over the third stanza when it was learned that rookie linebacker Jonathan Goff had suffered a fractured transverse process in his back sometime during the second period. There was no immediate word on how long Goff would be sidelined, but it's possible that he could be lost for the season.

Late in the third quarter, rookie DE Robert Henderson was carted off. More information on that as it becomes available.

AttaRook: Kenny Phillips sniffed out a reverse and dropped the ball-carrier for a six-yard loss.

Rough night: After fumbling late in the second quarter, Reuben Droughns lost yardage on a fourth-and-one early in the third period. In Droughns' defense, at least one guy on the right side of the offensive line (possibly TE Jerome Collins?) badly blew a block.

Quotebook: "Obviously, giving up seven points on the first drive is never a good thing. We did a good job against the run. With the big pass plays down the field, we have to work on that, but guys are running around and had a lot of energy. That's a good thing. We've got more work to do. That's why you play the preseason." – Giants LB Antonio Pierce

New toy: Pierce was asked how the new special helmet that enabled him to communicate with the coaching staff worked.

"It's different. It's going to take some time to get used to, especially with this being a live game atmosphere," he said. "The coach and the player need to learn when to talk and not to talk. It works good because you don't have to worry about anybody stealing signals."

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