Rookie Report

Here's how New York's draft picks fared in Albany…

Kenny Phillips Where do we start? You know the old Bill Parcells line about not putting rookies in Canton just yet during their first training camp? Well, maybe not Canton, but Phillips is clearly headed for big things in this league. His ability to sniff out that reverse in Detroit was something you just can't teach and his range is otherworldly. The Giants have been looking for a safety to run all over the field and make plays for them for years now; they sure found one.

Terrell Thomas Perhaps no rookie made more progress during the three-plus weeks up in Albany. Thomas is a very smart player and quick learner. Now that he's a little more comfortable in the defense, it's been showing on the field. He has excellent hands and feet, making him a physical and dependable cover guy. And when the ball's there, he's consistently able to pick it off. We're going to see a lot of Thomas this season.

Mario Manningham He says he's going to play the final two preseason games. Tom Coughlin seems so frustrated by Manningham being sidelined that he didn't even want to discuss the situation after a late-camp practice. There are even some rumblings that this promising rookie could end up on Injured Reserve if he's not able to get back out there in short order.

Bryan Kehl This confident rookie appears to be able to play on this level – and he doesn't appear to be lacking any in the confidence department either. He's been every bit the versatile athlete the Giants were hoping they drafted, but he can also lay the wood when tackling. Watch for him to be a star on special teams this season, if not also as a key sub on defense.

Jonathan Goff A bad break, literally and figuratively, for the bright rookie from Vanderbilt. The jury is still out on exactly how long Goff will be sidelined, if he even suits up at all this season. Before the back injury he had shown himself very well in Albany. Here's hoping his rookie season gets off the ground sooner rather than later.

Andre' Woodson – This is exactly why we didn't panic last issue regarding Woodson. No, he didn't exactly light up Albany, but he sure made some obvious strides. By the time you're reading this he will have played against the Browns and we'll all have a much better idea of where he stands. Admittedly, he's had a tough time picking up the entire offense.

Robert Henderson – The first casualty of the Jerry Reese era was not only injured, but not exactly the hardest worker either.

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