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Tom Coughlin shared some very interesting thoughts about Big Blue's preseason victory over Cleveland. Read on...

Did you find out anything from the medical people at all?

About who?  Who do you want to know?

Anthony Wright, Brandon London, Terrell Thomas, Kay-Jay Harris?

Terrell Thomas has a hamstring strain and it will be a day-by-day kind of thing.  Brandon London had a shoulder that was bothering him going in and he got hit on that shoulder.  He is very sore today.  I don't know what his status will be, if there was practice today he would not be able to practice today.  Kay-Jay Harris has some injuries and he will be a guy that we will have to decide on how we are going to handle that, but it is a serious injury.  Wright seemed to have a back strain and hopefully that is all it is.  We should know more about that.  I am not trying to duck you on Harris, it is just the medical stuff, I don't really know all the medical stuff in front of me.  I do know it is a combination of ankle and mid-foot.

Lawrence Tynes might be able to kick this week?

That is something I don't k now either, to be honest with you.  He was supposed to be under a ten-day observation period, and I think that takes us probably to mid-week. 

Was there someone who flew under the radar that you thought did a good job in the game?

You can name any number of obvious plays; there were a lot of big plays in the game, but as far as somebody who flew under the radar, I don't think that would be the case here.  We all saw the performance of (Domenik) Hixon, we all saw (Danny) Ware, we all saw the first defense play very well.  From play six to play 21, I think it was minus-six yards.  I think there is no doubt that our kickoff coverage team was very poor.  Putting it the other way, our kickoff return team had three big plays as well, so obviously there were some magical plays there with Hixon and Danny Ware, as well.  I think the fumble, Butler's return of 98 yards, and then the interception that they had.  We kind of negated each other all the way through back and forth with what could be called sometimes bizarre plays, but nevertheless it was a game where we didn't feel like our backup players, and I don't want to generalize, but we didn't play as well as I thought we would play although we did rise up when we had to when it was 30-24 and went ahead and pushed ourselves out a little bit to be able t o hang on to the lead.  Then I thought that being able to rush the ball at the end was a good sign that we didn't have to punt the ball back to them as well.  There were many really positives that came out of the game.  I don't think either team had a very good percentage on third down.  Our third-and-short was good and probably not enough was said by anybody about the fourth down and touchdown that really was the deciding factor in terms of points.  There are always many, many things to be evaluated.  I think if Kevin Dockery hangs on to his interception you feel really good about the fact of the play that he made.  We end up a game with one turnover and they have one turnover.  You certainly would have felt better about that, that would have given us another turnover and denied a score.

How much more difficult is it to make a decision on the backup quarterbacks if one of them has to go out for a while?

I am hoping that doesn't happen.  I am hoping that with regard to Anthony that whether he misses tomorrow or not, I am not sure, but whether he can come back and go back to work obviously would be a good thing for everyone.  I would like to think that could happen, but we will see how he feels in the morning.  They are all back one more time.  They are back at 5:00 this afternoon for medical as well. 

Were you pleased with the way that David Carr responded?  I guess he wasn't really expecting to go in for another quarter or so?

He was scheduled… the way the schedule was set up he was going to be the guy that would finish and then when Anthony got hurt he came into the game in the waning moments of the second quarter so we felt like it was better for us to go ahead and bring him right back in the third and then when he was finished he was finished.  Andre had his opportunity and of course it was primarily running the football, but he did get the experience that we wanted him to get.

Did David Carr play well in your mind?

David did some good things, he really did.  Some of the things that didn't go quite as well, I am sure when he looks at the tape he will feel more strongly about it.  I think he did manage, for the most part, the game well and I think we benefited from the long kickoff return and the short drive, but we did drive it and get it in the end zone and he was the quarterback at that time. 

What was Brandon London's injury specifically?

Brandon had a sore shoulder going in, got hit on that shoulder, was sore after the game, and we are hoping that he is able to respond right away, but as of now, if he didn't work tomorrow, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Was there anything on Osi Umenyiora?  He was by the x-ray room at the end of the game?

No, they looked at an ankle, but he was fine.  Lateral ankle.

In the second preseason game do you look more at how a guy plays and not so much his statistics?

Yes, to be honest with you, yes.  You are always concerned…we want to win every game and we won the game, but the numbers don't mask what you are really looking for and that is how the individuals played and how they responded to the circumstances that they were in and the situations that they were in.  Certainly in some cases you can look.  You have a tendency on occasion to look more at how your first group did in comparison, but beyond that for a lot of these young guys, it is how they played.

Eli Manning looked more comfortable out there?

Again, the opportunity was not there for him last week because at the end of the quarter we took the team out and the ball was at midfield there so there wasn8 0t as much of an opportunity.  He did very well in the number of snaps that he had last night, which was somewhat limited, but he did, he did have the control of the offense and was able to do some things with regard to some audibles and was right on with those two scoring passes.  They were outstanding.

What are your thoughts on Barry Cofield and Fred Robbins' performances?

Cofield played well, penetrated, and did a nice job and Fred has had a good preseason.  He has been very quick off the ball, again penetrating and forcing some issues.  It was obvious for all to see, and this may be one of the questions – the mysterious questions – that were asked about anybody below the radar, the play that Cofield made when the ball was coming out when Cleveland had the ball deep in their own territory to put the thing in harm's way in terms of having to punt from really deep, that was a very good play and a very quick and strong play.

Do you know why the two of them came back this season so focused?

I think Barry was really committed.  You have to go one at a time here.  Barry was really committed in the offseason with being stronger and he worked really, really hard on that.  Fred worked hard in the offseason a nd quite frankly, his weight was up and he decided to do some work with that.  He met with Heidi (Skolnik, Team Nutritionist) and did some research with regard to that and then did the same thing in the summer and came back in good shape.  I think the one thing that I have noticed is his quickness off the ball.  I think both of them have refocused and want to do a better job of controlling the inside with the run game.  We had some simple goals going into the game and one was that the keys we felt were to run the ball and stop the run and those were numbers that sometimes you do have to look at and we did okay with regard to that.

Do you expect to get any of the injured wide receivers back this week?

We are supposed to get some guys back to practice on Wednesday and we are saying right now that (Steve) Smith, (Mario) Manningham, and Amani (Toomer) will come back.  Amani feels good and I am hoping that he can go and get right back in here and not have to be too concerned with what he does and doesn't do.  We are going to have to spoon feed Manningham and Smith back in and I am hoping that doesn't take more than just a day to do that.

With just two practices will Manningham be ready to go against the Jets?

If he can practice and hold up through the practices, I am figuring that he would then get the green light and if he does get the green light, we will figure a way for him to play.  He needs to play. 

Kenny Phillips wasn't in the game as much as he was in the first game?

He was.  He was.  He was out there for 17 snaps and had a bunch of special teams plays, so he was out there.  I think the most any one defensive player had was 21 snaps so he played a lot.  He played the same as most everybody did.  We did have a strong three group safety rotation that we wanted to look at. 

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