Giants Rookie is Carjacked

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Tim Carter, the Giants rookie wide receiver, was the victim of a 3-hour carjacking ordeal Sunday night. Carter, who is on injured reserve with a torn Achilles tendon', was not hurt in the attack, but had his BMW M3, $10,000 in jewelry, $120, credit and ATM cards - plus his crutches - stolen.

Because he is injured, Carter did not accompany the team to Houston for Sunday's 16-14 loss to the Texans. So after watching the Giants-Texans on television, he went to see the movie, "Friday After Next" at the AMC multiplex at Clifton Commons on Route 3. Carter was alone when he approached his car after the movie.

"I came out of the movies, got into my car and realized it had been broken into (police said the door lock had been punched out)," he said. "Because I was on crutches, I really couldn't do anything. But I felt the guys walking up on me and I was mentally prepared for the situation.

"There were two guys. One of them had a gun that he stuck in my ribs. He said, `Give me the keys.' I turned around and gave him the keys. I thought he was just going to take the car, but then he told me to get in the back seat. He didn't want me to tell the cops right away (if he had let me go). So I got in the car and they took off out of the parking lot."

With Carter sitting in the back seat of his car, the carjackers made a hasty escape.

"We got on Route 3 and then got on Route 21 to go to Newark," Carter said. "Somebody saw what had happened and they called the cops. The cops pulled over another white BMW on the highway. About a half-mile after we got on Route 21, we saw another white BMW pulled over. Then the cops saw us coming and they point, like `That's the car right there, we have the wrong car.' But when they saw the cops pointing they (the carjackers) took off.

"We saw other cops in pursuit, but they couldn't catch up to the M3. We got to Newark and they ran a whole bunch of lights. We almost hit a cop running a light. We were somewhere in Newark and some other places, but I don't know what they were. They had somebody else listening to the police scanners, so they knew what the cops were saying. They communicated with those people by cell phone.

"We got to a place in Newark where they felt comfortable and they met up with some people who used my ATM card while they stayed with me."

According to a report in The Record, police broadcast the carjacking on the state police emergency network, and Nutley police reported seeing a car with a matching description headed south on Route 21 toward Newark. But "the car was able to elude police and escaped onto local streets in Newark," said Detective Capt. Robert Rowan of the Clifton Police department.

Carter remained in the back seat with one carjacker while the other drove a circuitous route through Newark and surrounding towns. The bandits did not know Carter is an NFL player, nor did he volunteer the information.

Someone also used Carter's credit cards to do some shopping at a couple of 24-hour mini-marts. Rowan said police do not know exactly what was purchased, who used the cards, or how much they ran up on Carter's accounts.

Although he was the victim of a crime - and the carjackers were trying to elude police - Carter said his exchanges with the criminals were very civil.

"We both knew our goals," he said. "I wanted to get home unharmed. They wanted the car. For them, it's just business."

The ordeal ended when Carter was let out of the car in Passaic.

"They left me off somewhere close to the stadium," he said. "I told them I needed money for a cab, so they gave me money and dropped me off."

Carter said the incident did not change his opinion of the metropolitan area.

"I'm from St. Petersburg, Florida," he said. "You have crime everywhere you go. Have I ever been carjacked before? I never owned a car that was worth carjacking. So no, that never happened to me. You have crime and gangsters everywhere."

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