Behind Enemy Lines

A closer look inside enemy camp as opening night rapidly approaches.

..Stephon Heyer will indeed start at right tackle in Thursday's season opener and beyond. Heyer earned the spot over Jon Jansen in a competition that no one knew was a competition until Friday (not even the participants; Jansen learned of the news after Jim Zorn's press conference via reporters).

..The reason Zorn opted for Heyer is he does not trust that Jansen's bruised left foot is fully healed, preventing him from ‘'anchoring'' his feet and preventing onrushing D-linemen from bowling him over. Zorn was not confident in Jansen; simple as that. Now, can he win the job back? Probably not. In reality, Heyer has to lose it now.

..Jansen handled the demotion with class, speaking to reporters after practice today for about 90 seconds. He played some left guard during a one-on-one drill today, showing decent handwork at times, but needing help with his footwork. If nothing else, it could make him more valuable this season.

..If not for his high cap number, he likely would have been cut.

..One player said the rest of the linemen were shocked. And one defensive player told us he was surprised by the move, seeing no dropoff in Jansen's play.

..Yes, privately Jansen is steamed one Redskin said. This will take him some time to get over; and he does not think his days as a starter are over.

..The Redskins did not trust that Billy McMullen would stay healthy, one reason he was let go, a team source said. They know they're taking a risk by keeping only five receivers with two of them major question marks (Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly). Thomas has disappointed them by not making more noise as a returner. Zorn said in Seattle there were many times they only kept three receivers active.

..If the Redskins use two tight ends in a four-receiver package, Fred Davis won't be anywhere near the field. It'll be Todd Yoder along with Chris Cooley.

..LaRon Landry practiced and the hope is that he will play Thursday. Not so sure about Jason Taylor yet. And Malcolm Kelly likely is two weeks from playing in a game.

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