Monday Night Mayhem: NFL Kickoff

Monday Night Mayhem gets ready to kickoff the 2008 NFL Season just a few days early!

The Mayhem's National NFL Correspondent, The New York Giants Insider's Ken Palmer, returned to the program to preview the '08 campaign.

Will we see the Giants return to Super Bowl glory without Michael Strahan?

Can the New England Patriots achieve redemption after coming so close to another World Championship last year?

What effect will Brett Favre have on the New York Jets, & can Aaron Rodgers step outside the shadow of #4?

Can Adam Jones leave the old image of "Pacman" behind, and help "America's Team" return to prominence?

Will Peyton Maning & Shawne Merriman stay healthy for the Indianapolis Colts & San Diego Chargers respectfully, and help their squads make the AFC Playoffs?

All this & so much more, as we celebrate the kickoff of the '08 season. Are you ready for some football?

MP3 Format: Ken Palmer's Portion of the 9/1/08 appearance.

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