Turning the Page

The Giants have their first win in the books and just enjoyed a very, very rare weekend off. But on Monday it was back to work for Big Blue, as preparations for the club's first road game of 2008 began. Here's what Eli Manning had to say as the Giants turned their attention to the Rams.

How was your weekend off?
It was a good weekend. I sat around and watched a lot of football, so it was a good off-weekend.

Have you heard the news about Tom Brady possibly being lost for the season?
Yeah I saw the play and hopefully it is not as bad as it could be. I don't know the situation exactly, but hopefully it is not bad. As a quarterback, you like to see all quarterbacks stay healthy and all players stay healthy to play the season.

How much is it a loss to the NFL to potentially lose a star like that?
Again, I don't know all the details of what the status is of the MRI or whatever happens today, but Tom is a great player and a good guy so hopefully he will make a speedy recovery.

Can you learn anything from watching the Rams on TV yesterday?
Not a whole lot. You can see little bits and pieces of what they are doing, but you really have to see the film that we have where you get all the angles and you can see what the safeties are doing and exactly how they are playing. We got the film in late today so we got to see about the first 15 plays or so, but it looks like they do have some complex things with different blitzes and different looks so we have to have a great week and prepare, have a great plan, and go out there and execute.

The offense would like to get back to scoring touchdowns in the green zone?
Yeah, that is going to be important, but it is good that we are getting down there and we did a good job moving the ball so hopefully we continue to run the ball well, get down into scoring positions, and instead of settling for field goals, get some touchdowns.

Is it a good problem to have with having so many talented running backs on the roster?
We have a team of running backs and that is good. We have a lot of guys who can get in there and play and you know what they are going to do and they can make big plays for us. We just have to keep playing well and making plays out there.< /div>

Did you watch the pregame shows and see Michael Strahan's prediction of the Cowboys being in the Super Bowl?
I read about it today. He picked Dallas. It is fine. Dallas is a good team and I have learned a long time ago that those predictions in pregames don't mean a whole lot. Now they are even predicting people's stats per game I saw, and that is before the game. They can predict whatever they want, but it is a matter of going out there and playing the game.

It looks like the NFC East is going to be a tough division again?
I have always known the NFC East is going to be a good division. I have been playing in it the last four years. Every game is tough, every team is tough, so we have to worry about winning as many games as we can. It starts this week with the Rams and that is where my concerns are, worry about this week, and when we get into those divisional games all these teams are good.

Michael Strahan was a part of this team though, so does his prediction mean more than the average writer?
You know he is media now so that is what happens when you go to the dark side.

When you see someone like Tom Brady goes down it reminds you that every team has one or two key players that the team's success really hinges on. Do NFL players need that kind of a reminder?
You try not to think about it. You try to just go out there and play your game. That is why you try to work out and do things in the offseason to try to stay healthy. Obviously some things you can't prevent, but you try to go out there and play confident and just hope that you don't take an awkward hit. That is just football and I am sure the Patriots will be fine with Matt Cassel or whoever they have. One player really doesn't have to affect a team.

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