Back to Work

The bye weekend has come and gone with the Giants sitting alone atop the NFC East with a 3-0 record. Big Blue returned to Giants Stadium on Monday after a weekend off and began work for this Sunday's game against Seattle. Here's what Tom Coughlin had to say on Monday.

We didn't see Mario Manningham out there today?
He is sick. He has the flu. The trainers and doctors felt it was better that he wasn't with the players in case it might be something that he could pass on to somebody else. He was here, he tried to do everything, but he was sick.

Do you expect most of your injured guys to be back?
R.W. McQuarters, Jonathan Goff, Terrell Thomas? They worked today and they have continued to work. They are getting closer.

How about Lawrence Tynes and the kicking situation?
We are very fortunate to have two kickers of this ability and we are just going to make sure that everything is the way it should be before anything changes the way we have been working. I would say probably week-to-week.

When you sa y you want to make sure that everything is the way it should be would that include making sure he can get through a game?
It means everything. It means everything, just like I said. He has had two full pregame warm ups, which he has done pretty well on. He continues to feel better and feel stronger with each passing week, so we are in a good situation right now.

Would you consider dressing two kickers for a game?
It is always a consideration, but it is something that…let's just say from a general standpoint you would like to have the extra player be somebody that will help you on special teams. And I mean that in terms of a cover player, a big four player, not a kicker. It has been done, I have done it myself, it is not an easy decision to make.

R.W. McQuarters is back to returning punts?
He came back on a limited basis. Today he was doing punt return so he is getting back to full speed.

Do you think with Domenik Hixon starting at receiver that he wouldn't get as much work at punt returns?
We will see about that.

Was Jerome McDougle able to do anything?
No. He is the only one that didn't work.

Did the week help Mathias Kiwanuka's situation with his ankle?
Yeah, he pretty much works his way right through that. Regardless of whether you limit him or not, he wants to take most of the reps. He has worked right steadily through it. He felt good today.

This team has had problems after the bye, do you think about changing anything up?
Well, most of the time we have had some type of change. I think that we definitely did a very good job of taking ourselves apart this time. We only had three weeks to work on the top teams in the league, but there is more to it than just losing the game after the bye. I think our focus is good, our players are excited, so I think we are looking forward to playing again this weekend.

Is it significant at all to you that you guys are alone atop the NFC East?
No, not really. What is important is our team. We are 3-0; we have a very good Seattle team that will be probably 100 percent coming in here, so that is where our focus is.

Was there anything that you viewed in the games this weekend that reinforces anything to you about the division?
Not that I would say. Very impressive games, obviously. Washington-Dallas was an excellent football game. You see how teams after three weeks into their fourth week how they are playing, how they are playing differently. There were a lot of points scored yesterday, and it is kind of a different thing to sit back and look at it from the standpoint of a broad view, not just the next opponent or whatever. I enjoyed that part of it.

Has there been any change on Plaxico Burress' fine situation?
The Plaxico situation is right where it has been. There is nothing more for me to add to it.

Did you get any of your Seahawks stuff done last week since they didn't play this week?
Sure. We studied them like they would study us. Because of the nature you are looking at yourself, you are looking at your issues, they are not just what the Seahawks might bring to town, but once in a while one or two things would be along those lines. We want to make sure that Wednesday is the day when we really get started on the Seahawks. We h ave added one or two things along the way based on each segment that we worked on.

Do you expect them to be healthy at receiver?
That is what I read. That is what I read, yeah.

You believe that?
I believe everything I read, especially when it comes from you guys.

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