Moore and Giants could reunite in 2003

Herman Moore's bid to help the Giants this season has ended, but both the veteran receiver and the team are open to the possibility that they could reunite in 2003.

Moore was signed on Nov. 12, when the Giants wide receivers were decimated by injuries. He played in one game, at Houston on Nov. 24, but did not catch a pass.

Now the Giants have greater needs at other positions, and Moore and Coach Jim Fassel agreed that the player's departure would enable the Giants to bring in a player who would more likely help the team in the season's final four weeks, beginning Sunday at Washington. To that end, Moore was placed on the reserve/retired list. But that doesn't necessarily mean Moore won't ever play again.

"To have a roster spot given to me when I'm not playing that much doesn't help this team," Moore said. "It doesn't help me and it doesn't help this organization to have me just staying around. After Jim and I talked, it was determined I would do what I intended to do in the first place, and it allows them to use that spot to bring in someone to help out our secondary. I had planned on talking to him anyway and when we sat down yesterday, I was honest with him. I told him I didn't come in to stand around or just be a butt on the seat.

I came in to hopefully contribute to the team, and that's a process that needs to develop over time, which we don't have. So it was the best thing for both sides." The Giants will retain Moore's rights. Both Moore and Fassel said Moore could re-sign in the offseason and join the team in training camp, which would put him on more equal footing with regard to physical conditioning and learning the playbook.

"I would absolutely have loved to have had him in training camp," Fassel said. "And that could be a possibility next year." "If they'll have me back early so I can learn the system and come in at the same speed and have the same opportunity as everyone else, I think it's best for both of us," Moore said. "And it's something I think they'll be very happy with - if the opportunity is there. They're not obligated to do that. I was happy for the opportunity they gave me to come in on such a short notice. But there's not a lot we can get accomplished in that short period of time.

"This is a team that's trying to make a run, and it's right at a crucial time. For me to continue to stand around and maybe take 10 plays, 15 plays, it's not helping us. And I recognize that. It's a retirement in the sense that I'm leaving, and I have to go home. But it's not a retirement like I'm done and I won't ever play again. The opportunity is better served for a player like me to come in at the beginning. I can do a lot more than what I'm able to do now. You can't formulate anything or get an opinion in a snapshot. I can't learn it in that short curve. We have four games left.

I need to be able to make an impact right away. Right now there are other players this team can use that can do that. And that's the direction I think coach should go. I'm not content to sit around and collect a check. I'm here to play."

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