No Need for Boss Breakout

Talk about refusing to enjoy prosperity. The Giants were humming along at 5-1, with one of the league's best offenses, to boot.

Yet all anyone wanted to talk about – or discuss on the message boards – was the fact that Kevin Boss hasn't yet made an impact. Yes, he had that one game against the Bengals when he caught a TD pass and had three catches for 51 yards, but besides that Boss has been basically invisible.

I know this isn't going to fly with most people, but who really cares? As long as he can make plays when needed this season, the Giants certainly don't need to force-feed a second-year player when they have so many other talented options.

If you're Eli Manning, you're sure as heck going to look for Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer and Steve Smith before Boss, and that makes total sense. They're all more dangerous players with better downfield speed. This isn't to knock Boss, because all's he done so far is exactly what the Giants have asked of him. But he hasn't exactly been running free in the secondary for games at a time either.

We have to give Boss credit for blocking well above the level we thought he was capable of when the season started. He's certainly become more dependable in the run game a lot sooner than expected and for that he deserves props.

There'll come a time when he's a much bigger factor in the Giants offense, and it'll probably come sooner rather than later. But all those claiming that the Giants ‘need' to get him more involved are just plain wrong.

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