Plax Vows to Make Better Choices

Plaxico Burress met the media on Wednesday and admitted that his recent behavior would have to change. While Plax stopped short of apologizing for his questionable on- and off-field actions, he did admit that it would change.

Burress stood at his locker for a good 10 minutes, answering every question fired at him patiently and honestly. Here's the transcript of Burress' media session:

Can you talk about the challenge this week of playing the Cowboys?
It is going to be tough. Dallas hasn't done as well as everybody thought they would going into the season, but we know Dallas well. They are going to come in here and play hard, we all know that, and it really doesn't matter what their record is because we see those guys twice a year. They are in our division and we have a lot of respect for them so we just have to come in and play another tough and physical game this week and come out with a win.

Are you anxious to get back to making big plays and dominating the game?
Yeah. We haven't been able to hit any real big plays down the field over the past few weeks and we really don't know who we are going to line up against this weekend because they have a couple guys down so we will have to see which guys we are going to face and line up with and hopefully we can get back on track and make some big plays down the field and score a lot of points.

How much of an advantage is it that they have two rookies and a second year guy that might play against you this weekend?
I really haven't had a chance to look at those guys yet. We just installed today and I'll prepare to play against Henry until I know otherwise, but I really haven't had a chance to look at the young guys, but everybody knows what Hamlin brings to the game, he is a good, Pro Bowl safety, and Davis is real physical so we pretty much know what we are getting into with those guys. As far as Sunday we don't know who we are going to play against until then.

From a scheme standpoint do you think they will try to take you out of the game and let the other guys beat them?
We will see. Like I said I have had a couple big games against them so I want to go out and make some big plays and score some touchdowns, but we've had guys that go out and make plays, Domenik (Hixon) and Steve (Smith), everybody is catching the ball, we are winning games, and that is the bottom line.

Last night you said you might have to do some things differently. Is that accurate?
I don't recall that.

You said you were going to look into stopping some of the behavior?
I am going to continue to come to work. I am going to continue to come to work, work hard, and be the best that I can be. Go out and practice hard and work hard and just try to get better. Everybody can be better, you can make better choices that will kind of slow you down. so to speak, and just kind of think things over, make better choices, and move on from there.

Do you think having a big game might diffuse some of the distraction talk?
No. If the team is going to line up and take me out of the game, then those are things that I have no control over. I control what I control and when the opportunites are presented to me to go out and make plays, then I do and because of that we are a 6-1 football team, guys are going out and catching the ball, and like I said, having success. If that has to be teams' form of slowing me down, then I am all for it, as long as we just keep winning.

Are you starting to get tired of the suspensions, fines, and all the other stuff while the team is off to a very good start?
Like I said, I am human. I have made some mistakes. I haven't made the best of decisions, I am aware of that, and I am the first one to look myself in the mirror, be honest with myself, and say that, but as far as me going out and playing hard I am going to keep going out and competing. Like I said, I just keep going out and doing what is asked of me on the football field, and in whatever that role may be I hope I go out and fulfill it.

Why do you think the other players have said you aren't a distraction?
Well you know because the guys in here know me. They know that as long as we go out on the football field and they turn the tape on and they see I am out there competing and working hard for them then that is really all that matters. We are the only guys in this locker room and we are going to go out and continue to play hard for each other. I think that is the key factor, when you have everybody going out and playing hard for each other.

Are you getting frustrated by your lack of numbers the past few weeks?
I am not getting frustrated. You have to kind of sit there and expect it, so to speak. You can't just expect teams to come out and let you just run up and down the football field. It has been a slow year for a few of us guys at the receiver position. If you look at it and say if we take those 40, 50, 60 yard plays out of the game, those are big plays that change football games and if you take them out of the game you have to work around it. Nickel and dime your way down the football field and when you take away the chunks you know you just have to be more consistent, you have to go out and execute, and we have been able to do that.

Do you think it will open up eventually?
It has to. Like I said, I am just going to continue to stay patient. One thing I have learned in playing this position is when it rains it pours. When it comes it comes in bunches so I am just going to continue to stay patient, keep working, I know number 10 wants to get me the football and when we get into coverages that we are looking for and I have the opportunity to make plays then I am going to go out and make them.

Wade Phillips has already said that he is double covering you this weekend?
Are you making that up?

No, he said on the conference call that you have to double a guy like you.
Like I said, I am going to go out and work hard. Despite that, it is not going to change my mindset. If that is the case, then we are just going to keep doing what we have been doing and we have a lot of faith in the guys around me and they have shown that they can go out and make plays. As long as they are having success, we are laughing and having a good time and just coming out with a win.

Is it upsetting that you only caught one pass in the divisional playoff game in Dallas last season?
Like I said, they were stopping me from going downfield. They tried to take away the play-action part of our offense, which allows us to go deep, and they did that, but the fact still remains that we won the football game. As long as we can win and keep moving on and keep piling up the Ws in advance, then I am satisfied. I am happy.

That game was billed as the All-Pros vs. the All-Joes. Do you think you are starting to get the due you deserve since then?
It was like I said in training camp, everybody had crowned certain people and had crowned them to go to the Super Bowl and win it. Like I said, you still have to line up and go play. I have seen a lot of crazy things happen in this league. I have been around for nine years and everything on paper really doesn't matter, you still have to lace them up, go out and play hard, execute, and win games. I said that a long time ago and you still have to go out and play.

Do you think you still give a service to the team if you draw coverage that allows other guys to make plays?
That is what has been happening and because of that guys are going out and making big plays in crucial situations, Steve, Amani, and everybody else. Like I said, if that is what defenses want to do and that is going to be their approach then I am going to go out and line up and see what we get. When we get opportunities, me and the quarterback, we will work around it, but it hasn't happened of late, making big plays, but like I said I am just going to stay patient and when the time comes I will go out and make the plays.

Is there more to this rivalry than with the Redskins or the Eagles?
It is always a tough game. It is always physical. It is a survival game, they don' t like us, and we don't like them. It is one of those things where when you see Dallas on the schedule everybody knows when that game is, everybody gets fired-up for it, and it is always a battle. Like I said we have a lot of respect for those guys and what they do. They are physical on defense, they have arguably the best player in football on defense in DeMarcus Ware, and like I said it is always a grind, always a battle, and we look forward to it.

Seems like you are answering a lot of the same questions that T.O. answers in Dallas like what can you do to get more passes?
I really honestly believe that you don't have to really go out week in and week out and put up gaudy numbers to dominate a football game. You go out and make plays in situations where you keep the chains moving and if they want to double you then you are kind of dominating the game in a way that you are not catching the football. Like I said, because of that, we are winning. I don't have any complaints about it. I am not arguing or anything like that. When the time comes for me to go out and play and run up and down the field and have fun, then I am pretty sure you guys will be the first people to notice.

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