Eli Looks to Bounce Back

Despite the win over Dallas on Sunday, Eli Manning hardly had his best game with three turnovers. He met with the media on Wednesday to discuss his performance and the Giants' upcoming game in Philadelphia.

Does it get any better in terms of intensity than Giants-Eagles?
No, this is always a physical game. It tends to always come down to the fourth quarter every time we play them. Whether it is here or there, it has been a tight game. A lot of big plays are happening, great defenses, and we know what to expect playing in these games. Nothing is easy, nothing comes easy at all, so you just have to prepare hard all week and just know you have to play sound football. You can't afford to make mistakes and there are going to be a lot of plays made.

How important is the momentum from beating the Cowboys last week?

It is always important to have wins and have confidence in those things, but it is still a matter when you play divisional teams it is a matter of just preparing each week and know coming in we have to handle our business. We have to come in modest in our words and we have to play well if we expect to have a shot to win.

Is it any more of a challenge to play back to back division games?

Definitely, they are playing great football, their defense is getting to the quarterback, they are causing turnovers, their offense and McNabb is playing great, they have a lot of their guys who were banged-up back and healthy and Westbrook and a lot of their playmakers so they are talented on both sides of the ball. We know we have to go out there and play our best football and that we have to play great.

What do you think of the atmosphere in Philly? Some say it is passionate and some say it is downright rowdy?

Either way, however you choose to describe it, they both work. It should be a great atmosphere to play a football game. Sunday night, at Philadelphia, it will be a hostile crowd. It will be loud, but we know what it is like to play down there, we have always played pretty well down there and made plays when we needed to at times. They have always been tight games so we have to go in with those expectations, it is going to be tough, but that is what football is about in the NFC East.

How do you approach the final eight games?

I think you approach them one game at a time. That is all we can do. That is what we have done so far and right now it is the Philadelphia Eagles and that is enough of a challenge for us to worry about. That should contain all of our attention for this week because we have a lot of studying to do. They are doing a lot of different things; they do a lot of things one or two times and then another blitz or different defenses, so they do a lot of things. They are well-prepared, they are smart, they play fast football, and so we have to match that intensity and match that work ethic.

Do you have any thoughts on the election?

I watched it and congratulations to President Obama, or future President Obama, and I think the country will be fine and it should be good.

Does it put more of a burden on you at the line of scrimmage with a team that blitzes more like Philadelphia?

You have to see things and know when you are protected-up and receivers have to know when they are hot off routes or when to make adjustments. The offensive line is going to have to study and know who is coming and how we are picking up things so there is a lot to be done, but it is just a matter of everybody being on the same page and you should be okay.

Are they just as blitz-happy as they have been in recent years?

Yeah. They like to blitz and it is similar to kind of what our defense does some so we get to see some practice of it in training camp, but they do a lot of different things. They disguise it well and they play fast so they will get us on a few things and they will have guys coming free at times, but it is just a matter of your receivers have to be on the same page, your offensive line, your tight end, everybody has to be on the exact same page and make sure to hit them with big plays, that is what we have to do.

Did you talk to David Tyree today?

No, I had breakfast with him, but David is just going about his business. He knows the circumstance and the situation and he has always been a great team player and he understands what had to happen.

Do you think he will be back with the team eventually?

Well I hope so. He has been a great part of this team; he has done everything we have ever asked him to do, and stepped up in big games and played well for us on special teams and on offense. He has been a great teammate.

Is it tough that you won't be able to see what he could have done this season coming off his performance in the Super Bowl?

Yeah well it is just unfortunate with the injuries and what he has dealt with, but he has worked hard to try to come back and did everything he could and just couldn't quite get back in time. It was just the way it works out sometimes so hopefully he will be able to come back and everything will work out.

Where is your personal confidence at going into Philadelphia?

My confidence is in the team. I have great confidence in my players and our offense and what we are doing in our defense and I feel like if I go out there and just try to play consistent football and give our team, our offense, our players, a shot with the ball in their hands to make some plays we will be okay getting wins. We just have to keep finding ways to win games and it is part of football when you will go through some great times where your offense is clicking and then there are some series you will go through sometimes where it is not going as well, but as long as you are not making the costly mistakes it should be fine.

Is Philadelphia one of the crazier places to play?

It is. It is an interesting environment. It is loud and it is hostile, but it is a neat experience. It is kind of what you look forward to at times. Maybe not something you would like to do every week, but you know going into the game what it is going to be like. It is going to be a tough game dealing with all the factors and the biggest one is really the players and the way they play football. What is the bus ride like into the stadium? Do people still throw stuff at you?
They might throw some things, but nothing bad. We are just focused on what our game plan is and just trying to get better.

Is it something about Philadelphia that seems to bring out the best in you? Because you know it is going to be hostile?

We know that it is going to be hostile, they are going to be a tough defense, they are going to be good on offense, where it is always a tight game. You know you have to go in there and play your best. That is the mindset going into the game and you are trying your hardest to make plays when they are there and not make mistakes.

Was it a big factor last year in that you got to almost practice against their defense in training camp since the Giants' defense is very similar?

Yeah I think it helps just seeing some of the stuff. Again, it is just a matter of having a great game plan and everybody being on the same page and having a great understanding of what they are doing and listening to the calls made and just making sure you know what your assignments are depending on what blitz they are doing and what calls we have made. Sometimes you will get it picked up and you will have some shots to get the ball downfield, sometimes you won't have it picked up, but as long as your receivers know when it is picked up and when it is not and the line is blocking the right guys, your backs are on the right guys, and you have a great understanding of what we are doing, you should be in good shape.

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