Insider Trading Tips for Giant Stock Market

Besides the recent presidential election, the Phillies winning the World Series and the Giants attempts to repeat as Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history, the next most talked-about subject has to be the volatile stock market. Up and down. Good and bad. From one morning to the next you don't know what to expect.

In the true stock market spirit, TGI now will take a closer look at which Giants' stock is rising, and which players you should dump as soon as possible. We'll break the following players down into four categories in four separate articles. Needless to say, after a 7-1 start, the stock values of most of Big Blue's boys are on the rise.

In this installment, we will look at the players falling gradualy.

Ahmad Bradshaw He's simply too speedy and good to ignore, but it sure seemed like there would be a different outcome for Bradshaw this season. He was expected to be a regular contributor and some (i.e. TGI) even thought he should be receiving consideration to be the main ball carrier in this offense. So, you might want to hold off on dropping a lot of dough on Bradshaw, but he's probably worth a little just in case. Both Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward are going to be free agents at season's end, which means that Bradshaw might just as quickly jump back into the picture. In this case, sure he's dropping gradually right now, but you'd rather be a little too early investing in Bradshaw than too late.

Sinorice Moss He's been on the dump quickly list for more than a year now, yet every time you're about to totally give up on the former second-round pick, he goes and does something to catch your eye. The latest instance came in the Seattle blowout when he grabbed the first two touchdown catches of his career. That was followed, of course, by a return trip to his more familiar inactive list. While you might want to hold off a little longer before totally cashing out on Moss, with this crop of receivers and the obvious lack of confidence the coaches have in him – for whatever reason – it still seems like a long-shot that he'll ever amount to anything in New York.

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