Insider Trading Tips for Giant Stock Market

Besides the recent presidential election, the Phillies winning the World Series and the Giants attempts to repeat as Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history, the next most talked-about subject has to be the volatile stock market. Up and down. Good and bad. From one morning to the next you don't know what to expect.

In the true stock market spirit, TGI now will take a closer look at which Giants' stock is rising, and which players you should dump as soon as possible. We'll break the following players down into four categories in four separate articles. Needless to say, after a 7-1 start, the stock values of most of Big Blue's boys are on the rise.

In this installment, we will look at the players falling fast.

Lawrence Tynes Talk about bad luck. Lawrence Tynes couldn't help getting hurt; heck it was probably the fault of the lousy practice fields up in Albany. At least that's what Tynes would likely tell you. But so much for not losing your job due to injury, huh? The Giants are now in a position where they really can't afford to put Tynes back on the field. As long as John Carney continues firing on all cylinders, as he's done since he arrived right before the season, Tynes is going to have to sit and wait. There was a time after Tynes finally regained his health a few weeks ago that it looked like he might be worthy of investing a few bucks; that time has passed.

Reuben Droughns The Giants have gotten great contributions from their veteran players this season. Guys like Droughns, Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters have actually turned into more or less player-coaches. Those types of guys don't stick around all that long. Once the young talent they're tutoring rounds into shape, the veteran leadership is no longer needed all that much. Droughns went from beginning last year as the club's short-yardage back to a non-factor. It's probably the right time to dump any Droughns stock you have now because it seems highly unlikely that he'll be an on-field contributor at all this season; and certainly won't be around in 2009.

Gerris Wilkinson He's proved us wrong before, and hopefully for everyone's sake, he'll do it again. Wilkinson is by far the nicest kid on this list and is certainly the easiest to root for. But that doesn't do much for anyone on the Giant Stock Market, now does it? He simply cannot stay healthy. Some guys just can't catch a break and he appears to be one of them. His absence gave the defensive coaching staff another chance to realize that Chase Blackburn belongs in the starting lineup while also giving valuable reps to promising rookie Bryan Kehl. As a result, whenever Wilkinson does get around to regaining his health this time, he's going to need someone else's injury in order to get back onto the field.

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