Insider Trading Tips for Giant Stock Market

Besides the recent presidential election, the Phillies winning the World Series and the Giants attempts to repeat as Super Bowl champions for the first time in franchise history, the next most talked-about subject has to be the volatile stock market. Up and down. Good and bad. From one morning to the next you don't know what to expect.

In the true stock market spirit, TGI now will take a closer look at which Giants' stock is rising, and which players you should dump as soon as possible. We'll break the following players down into four categories in four separate articles. Needless to say, after a 7-1 start, the stock values of most of Big Blue's boys are on the rise.

In this installment, we will look at the players rising fast.

Chase Blackburn Is there anyone on that terrific defense that has more versatility than Blackburn? You get the feeling that you could put Blackburn out on an island at corner and he would hold up just fine. For now, it appears that his future is at weak side linebacker. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Paul Schwartz and I did both mention that we believed that Blackburn should be one of the three starting linebackers more than a month ago. With 16 stops and a sack in very limited action before starting against Dallas, the time to purchase stock in Blackburn is now – while you still can.

Domenik Hixon It may appear that Hixon's meteoric rise has slowed some, but that's really not the case. If you have a few extra Big Blue bucks to play around with, sleek number 87 is certainly well worth your risk. Because for as much as his role has lessened in recent weeks, with every off-field miscue Plaxico Burress makes, Hixon moves that much closer to becoming a huge offensive factor. He's proven he can play and succeed on this level – the Seattle game alone made the entire NFL believers – so there's no reason to believe he'll do anything but make a huge impact the next time he gets a shot.

Brandon Jacobs Buy, buy, buy. And we have to be honest; we weren't saying that before the season. Who could have possibly thought that Jacobs and his bull-in-a-china-shop style of running would be able to hold up as well as he did? But his 5.2-yards per carry average makes him a must-buy and a can't-miss. The only problem for Giants fans is determining whether or not he'll be paying off down the road as a Giant or elsewhere. When the season started, it seemed as if the decision regarding his future would be the Giants' to make; that's no longer the case. Jacobs, a free agent at year's end, will be able to pick and choose exactly where he wants to play in '09. Here's hoping he's comfy in the Big Apple.

Steve Smith Any friend of Jerry Rice's is definitely a friend of ours – and most certainly worthy of TGI's stock market cash. As Mike Garafolo, another solid investment, wrote elsewhere in this issue, Smith has the game's all-time greatest receiver in his corner. That, and the shifty moves and patience and ability to get open seemingly every snap, make Smith a must-buy for eager investors. While it took him an injury-ravaged season-and-a-half to finally reach the end zone, you can definitely expect more of the same in the coming weeks. Say what you will about Plaxico Burress' off-field incidents and Amani Toomer's advancing age, but the fact that Smith was the Giants' leading receiver heading into the Eagles game was really all you needed to know. Get buying, folks.

Corey Webster Break out the checkbook, baby. Do you have any idea what kind of payoff you get for purchasing stock in Pro Bowl cornerbacks before they officially hit it big? Webster looked like he was going to be known only for intercepting Brett Favre's final pass. However, Favre decided to return and continue throwing INTs, and Webster decided to continue playing at an absurd level. He's been by far the best, most consistent member of New York's secondary and should start to receive more acclaim league-wide as he continues to pick off passes and provide airtight coverage on receivers. It's never too early to jump on a can't-miss option like this.

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