Tuck, Giants Still Takin'em 1 at a Time

To a man, the Giants know the reason they've been able to jump out to an incredible 10-1 start is because they've been able to keep their focus on only one opponent at a time. Justin Tuck says you had better believe they're not going to change anything at this point.

How much do you think about closing in on a division title?
You think about it, but honestly, we try to take it one game at a time. We know we are getting close to the end of the season and the more wins we get the better chance we get of getting that bye week and having home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and that is huge, especially with how we have played at home this year, so you definitely think about it.

From a defensive perspective, how much of a challenge would it be to defend your team's offense?
Obviously, considering the numbers they have put up, they put a lot of pressure on defenses, whether it is the run or the pass, so I am just glad those guys are on my football team and I don't have to prepare for them on a week to week basis because they definitely have a lot talent. It is a team sport as far as they are concerned. They don't really care who gets the praise or who makes the plays, it is just 11 guys on that side of the ball who go out there and play as one, and I think that makes it even more difficult.

Do you think it is going to be a challenge for this team to keep focused with things like home field advantage and byes and such hanging over everything?
I don't think so. We realize what our goals are and we realize that just one of them is making the playoffs. I don't think guys are going to start thinking they are better than what they are because we know what we had to go through last year as far as the playoff run and things of that nature and it isn't going to be any different this year, just hopefully we get a lot of home games instead of having to travel. But either way, home or away, playoff games and down the stretch in the NFL are always going to be tough games and tough weeks and we know what to expect from it, even our young guys. We really don't have that many young people on this football team and the ones that are you ng are playing and played all last year and continue to do the same things this year. I think the veteran leadership on this football team and just as a whole with all the guys, they really understand what it takes to win in this league and prepare to do so.

On the plane ride home did Madison Hedgecock share much about his touchdown dance and how do you rate it with other dances in the past?
Honestly, I didn't know anything about the dancing. I actually picked up a newspaper today and read a little bit about it, but other than that I didn't see the dance and didn't know anything about it, but it was kind of funny, his quote.

How do you feel you guys did at pressuring Kurt Warner?
Maybe I should have said we really wanted to sack Kurt Warner a lot because I think we pressured him a lot so I guess I got my wish, but obviously it didn't accumulate into a lot of sacks. We had a lot of pressure on him, we got a lot of hits on him, and I don't think gave him many opportunities to really sit in the pocket and get comfortable. Obviously he did some great things as far as what he was able to do for their offense, but I think we made it tough on him.

Do you like the way your defensive backs battled against the Cardinals?
Yeah, that is their motto, that is what their known for, and I don't think it was any different this week. I think they went out and they fought and obviously you have to give the Cardinals some credit, Fitzgerald, Boldin, and the rest of that whole receiving corps is pretty good. I think they were up to the challenge and they did a good job of pressuring them and not really allowing them… their offense is predicated on timing and I think our cornerbacks did a good job of throwing off some of their timing and made it a little bit more difficult for Warner and those wide receivers to hook up. You definitely have to give those guys credit for that.

How much do you expect this Redskins team to be different than the one you guys saw in Week One?
I think Week One we got them early in the season and obviously in a new offense and things of that nature, but they have had time to put it together and I think it is going to be an offense that is playing very well together, obviously, from the team we saw in the first week. We definitely have our hands full with this team and we know what it is going to be like as far as going down there. It is always tough playing down there and plus the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants are always going to be that rivalry where both teams are going to get up for it and it is just going to be a good game. We just have to continue to prepare and get ready for them, it is as simple as that.

What are your thoughts on both New York teams playing so well?
It is a good thing for New York. Obviously, the Jets are on a run, and obviously we are, too, so I am just happy for both franchises.

Do you let yourself think about a subway Super Bowl?
Not really. It is a long way from there, but if it happens, it happens and if it doesn't, it doesn't. I would love for it to happen because it means we made the Super Bowl, but other than that, I really don't have anything to say about it because we have so much more football to play before we even start to worry about that.

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