Three questions with Kerry Collins

"If we don't make the playoffs, it's hard to think of the season in a positive way. Certainly we can end it in a positive way, but I think we would all be disappointed if we didn't make it."


The first time you played Dallas, it was a dog-fight. Does that better help you to prepare for Sunday's game?

Anytime you play these guys it is a dog-fight. It's a big rivalry. They feel that way and we feel that way. We know what kind of pride they have, regardless of what kind of season they are having, so we know they are going to want to come up here and beat our butts. There is no doubt about it. It was a tough game down there and it could have gone either way. We were happy to get that one and I'm sure they would like to return the favor this weekend, but we know what we are up against. They have a good defense, a couple of guys are out, they are playing pretty and really should have beaten the 49ers last weekend. We know what we are up against and we are just going to trying to get it going. They are going to give it their best shot.

Have you and Shockey developed something that this team can build on for next year?

We are getting there. It has taken a little bit of time, but I am starting to get confidence in him. I am seeing the things that he is doing. I am seeing the progress he is making within the offense. He is learning the offense. He is learning about the game at this level. I am seeing him do some really nice things. I am getting confidence in that, like the confidence I have with Amani, Tiki and I had with Ike. He is starting to come around that way. It is good for everybody. It is good for me. It's good for this offense. It's good for this whole team. He will continue to get better and more and more, as it goes on, we will be on the same page.

Re: the pressure of going towards the playoffs.

I think that's what December is all about. Obviously we are not in the position we would like to be in, but we know we have to win to stay alive. That is a great motivation. Obviously with the Cowboys, everyone gets fired up just like they do for us. It's going to be a tough game. We are going to have to play well if we want to win

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