Oops, Plax Did it Again – Again

LANDOVER, Md. – Yes, you heard right. Plaxico Burress did indeed shoot himself in the leg with a gun. Fortunately, he's going to be just fine – at least from a health standpoint.

The rumors – and that's all they are at this point and will remain so until the parties involved actually speak publicly about the incident – range from that Burress was fooling around with a handgun to that he was involved in an altercation with someone who was bothering Burress' wife, Tiffany. Whatever the case, the Giants can't possibly he happy with the latest negative Plaxico news.

"I'm disappointed that this happened, and that any of our guys would put themselves in this kind of situation," John Mara said. "But our first concern is Plaxico's health and wellbeing and we were very relieved t o find out that he is going to be okay. But yeah, I'm disappointed." Jerry Reese confirmed that Burress is expected to make a full recovery.

"As far as we know, he's going to be okay," Reese said. "They released him so obviously it can't be that life-threatening if they released him after one day."

What remains to be seen is exactly how the Giants handle Burress' latest mishap. It's likely that Burress will be charged with a felony, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will get involved and a suspension is forthcoming.

Mara said he had "no idea" how Burress was shot, and whose gun it was. He also stated that he didn't know if Burress is indeed licensed to carry a gun. He's as interested in finding out what's going on as anyone.

"We've cooperated fully with both NFL security and NYPD," Mara said. "Whatever they ask us to do, we're going to do. We'll wait and see what determination they come up with. After that, we'll react accordingly."

Another fly in the Giants' ointment is the involvement of linebacker Antonio Pierce. What's certain is that Pierce was with Burress at the Manhattan night club. Some ‘reports' stated that Pierce attempted to help his buddy out by trying to hide the weapon. Mara also said that he was unsure if a third Giants player was on hand as well.

But there was Pierce in the starting lineup against the Skins. The Giants clearly are taking the ‘innocent until proven guilty' approach with their stud middle linebacker.

"Antonio's working on trying to beat the Redskins right now," Reese said. "That's where his focus is and it's where it should be right now."

Unfortunately, the Giants' focus before the game was not on beating the Redskins and inching closer to an NFC East title. Instead, all the fans and media wanted to talk about was the Burress situation. Plain and simple, that's pretty sad.

Fortunately for Mara, Tom Coughlin's troops have been able to avoid being hurt by distractions to this point. But this might be even too much for Big Blue and its tunnel vision to overcome.

"This team has proven itself to be pretty resilient so hopefully they can overcome this, but that remains to be seen," he said. John Mara was asked when enough would be enough regarding Burress and his off-field shenanigans. Understandably he wasn't ready to bury his problem child/star receiver – just yet, at least.

"Right now we're in a state where we're going to wait unti l the investigation plays out and we get all the facts," Mara said. "Once we have all the facts, we'll make a determination as to what, if anything, we're going to do. But right now, there are a lot of unanswered questions out there so we want to wait until the investigation concludes."

Not surprisingly, as of kickoff Jerry Reese had still not heard back from Burress. Yes, once again, a high-ranking member of the Giants organization reached out to Burress, this time basically just to check on his health, and once again Burress was too preoccupied to even return his call.

No, all the facts aren't in yet. But it's blatantly obvious to this point in his Giants career that Burress is a headache not worth dealing with. Not only has he very possibly played his last game as a Giant, but the fact that that's good news to Giants fans is just plain sad.

It sure appears that Plaxico Burress has embarrassed the Giants for the final time. At least, we can all hope.

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