What Will Future Hold for Plax?

With everyone trying their best to figure out not only exactly what happened with Plaxico Burress, but what will happen, it's hardly an easy task for Tom Coughlin to keep his club's attention.

According to published reports, Plaxico Burress was charged with two counts of felony possession of a weapon in the second degree Monday and released on a $100,000 bond. Burress did not enter a plea, though his attorney said Burress planned to plead not guilty.

After acknowledging concern for Burress' health and well being, Coughlin explained to the media that he could add nothing further to the conversation as of Monday. As always, his focus remains on the team and the task at hand. And Job One now is defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday's home game.

"We are going to move on and concentrate and focus on the Philadelphia Eagles," Coughlin said. "And that is our next objective and our next goal. And we are going to move on. We have to deal with our responsibilities. But our team will move forward, I feel confident in that."

After talking at length about the 23-7 victory in Washington during his opening statement of today's conference call, Coughlin turned to the Burress incident.

"The other thing which I'm sure you are going to ask is if there is any more information that I would be willing to share on the Plaxico Burress situation," Coughlin said. "I really do not have anything to add to that statement that I made last night. Our concern for his health and well being is obviously number one. But as you know, the New York Police Department and NFL Security and the Commissioner's office are all conducting investigations. Due to the nature of that, obviously there is not much that I'm going to say. So I really don't have anything new for you along those lines."

Coughlin was asked several questions about Burress, including what he would do if the receiver is healthy enough to play. But Coughlin declined to elaborate much beyond his statement.

"We are dealing with that," he said. "Today we have had some discussions. Those discussions will be ongoing. Basically, we have just put the Redskin game to rest and we are going to be discussing those and other issues as we gain information over the next couple of days."

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