Holmes' Premonition

"He pushed me aside like he had 4.4 speed or something. After that, I said he better score." - LB Mike Barrow on Kenny Holmes' TD run

"I don't know how those receivers do it..." said DE Kenny Holmes in his post game comments.

Holmes had a 50-yard fumble return for a touchdown in the first quarter of Sundays 37-7 romp of the Dallas Cowboys.

Prior to the game, Holmes told DE Micheal Strahan he had the feeling he was going to get a touchdown. "He picks up the ball, and I'm thinking, 'You got to be kidding me.' ".

Dallas was trying to convert a fourth-and-three at the Giants' 36. LB Mike Barrow came straight up the middle on a run blitz. But Dallas was going to pass. Barrow went unblocked and crushed Dallas QB Chad Hutchinson, popping the ball free.

The Giants defense rushed the free ball, and both Barrow and Holmes got there at the same time.

Holmes scooped up the ball bumping Barrow out of the way and rambled 50 yards among his teammates who escorted him to the endzone for the touchdown.

Holmes was winded after his TD run, having a new appreciation for the offense. "I don't know how those receivers do it." he quipped.

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