Q&A with Manning, Dungy & Bradtzke

They are both pretty tough, physically tough, yet they look mentally tough from what I can see on the tape. I think they are going to be good corners for a long time. -Peyton Manning on Will Peterson & Will Allen

Peyton Manning:

What are your thoughts on the Giants secondary?

You never know because teams have different approaches. The Giants are very

confident in their secondary and they have excellent cover corners with

Peterson, Allen and Sehorn, and Williams is a very active guy. The

secondary runs well but is also a good factor in the running game. It comes

up and tackles. When you have that good pass rush and you have good cover

corners that allows for a lot of flexibility in your defense. When you are

playing a defense like this you know they are going to get their pass rush

with Strahan it is important to have good protection but also to be on time

and for the receivers to get open on time. You can't hold the ball forever.

It sounds like you think they match up pretty well with your offense...

I'm impressed with what I have seen. They play a lot of man-to-man and that

shows how much confidence they have in their corners and I see why. They

are both good cover corners and, like I said, with Jason in the slot you

have a great experienced Nickel corner. When you get into December and you

are playing playoff type games, like both us and the Giants, every day is a

challenge and it comes down to how you are going to play. Because you are

going to be playing a solid defense every single Sunday and it is up to you

how you are going to respond to it. Hopefully we will come out and play


What are the advantages in getting to the line early and calling audibles?

I guess that there are different advantages and disadvantages too.

Obviously the more audibles we do and stories that are done about how we

audible and change plays it seems that defenses do more and more to try and

make it tougher. Defenses don't usually line up and say, 'this is what we

are going to do.' They hold their disguises and the Giants do a good job of

rotating their defenses late and shifting around and moving in and out of

defensive fronts. So it gets harder every single week and every single year

it seems. The defensive coordinators and experienced players make it harder

on you. But Tom Moore and I have been together for five years which is kind

of a rarity these days. Not many quarterbacks and coordinators are together

for that long anymore. So he has a lot of confidence in me and has given me

more freedom the older I have gotten to make some adjustments and change

plays to try and get us into good plays. But I think that all quarterbacks

like to get up to the line of scrimmage as fast as possible to get up there

and try to set a tempo. We snap it quick sometimes or we try to change the

play, but we try to mix it up.


Tony Dungy

What's the scouting report on the Giants two young corners, Will Allen and

Will Peterson?

I think those are very confident. That's No. 1, that's the biggest thing you

see when there are out on the field. They play tenaciously. They don't care

who they line up against. They have played against a lot of good receivers.

They have good speed and ball skills. They get their hands on balls, which

is something I like to see. They are both pretty tough, physically tough,

yet they look mentally tough from what I can see on the tape. I think they

are going to be good corners for a long time.


Chad Bratzke

Dec. 18, 2002

Are you looking forward to playing your old team?

I always look forward to playing the old team.

Have you talked to Strahan or other Giants at all?

I have talked to him a couple of times this year. Ronnie Barnes is a good

friend of mine. I talk to him often. Other than that, I don't talk to a

whole lot of people. A lot of the same guys are there, a lot of the same

faces. It is kind of one of those fun, exciting games that you like to play

in. It is kind of like playing your brother in a game. I know a lot of the

guys over there and spent some time there and there is a history there. So,

it is going to be fun.

What is your impression of the Giants offense this season?

They do some really good things. Tiki is a good running back. You see him

breaking loose a lot. He is a guy that doesn't give up. You have Dayne to

pound it in there. Kerry has been real effective and he has some good

numbers and good passing yards. It is an offense than can explode and like

other teams in the league, including ourselves, struggling at times. You

never know. Everyone is good in this league and everyone is going to have a

tough time from here on out.

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