TGI's 5 Keys to Victory

So, the time has finally come. A full week of Giants/Eagles talk now means absolutely nothing. At 1 p.m. Sunday, the two bitter rivals – and their respective fans – will square off at Giants Stadium for the right to advance to the NFC Championship Game. While this game has been dissected in every way, shape and form, TGI, as always, wants to have the final word.

Without further ado, here are TGI's five keys to a big Giants victory against the Eagles.

1) Turnover free is the way to be. First and foremost, the Giants can't afford any key mistakes. The Birds feast on turnovers, as evidenced by last week's game-changing INT return for a TD by Asante Samuel in Minnesota. The Giants, for the most part, have been great at holding onto the ball. They certainly need to do the same against the aggressive Eagles defense. A turnover or two forced by Big Blue's defense wouldn't hurt, either.

2) Run the ball. Everyone knows the Giants are one team with Brandon Jacobs in the lineup and another without their workhorse. They beat with the Eagles with Jacobs the first time around, then fell at home to Philly when Jacobs was sidelined. A healthy Jacobs is the key to this offense. If New York can get its running game rolling, they shouldn't have any problem winning this one.

3) Watch Westbrook. No one can totally shut this guy down. Heck, he might be the most dangerous all-around back in the entire NFL. But the Giants have to make sure they limit the damage done by number 36. The Giants defense can allow him to chew up yardage; they just need to prevent him from making the back-breaking plays like the long screen pass he took all the way for a touchdown last week against the Vikings.

4) No hankies please. The Giants have had another disappointing season in the penalty department. In what's expected to be a very close game, every yard is going to matter. Needless to say, the Giants can't afford to give the Birds 90 yards on eight penalties, as they've been known to do this season – and last, for that matter.

5) Get loud. Giants Stadium is notoriously a quiet venue, big game or not. However, the Giants fans better fill up on the spiked hot chocolate in the parking lot and get loud. There's no doubt the Eagles fans affect the games at Lincoln Financial Field; now it's time for the Big Blue brethren to make a difference. And we're not just talking about when the Giants score. When Donovan McNabb comes to the line on a third-and-eight the Giants faithful needs to do everything in its power to make sure that he can't hear himself think.

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