Not All Gilbride's Fault

Geez, Louise, you'd think Kevin Gilbride told the Giants to show up not ready to play against the Eagles.

You'd think it was him that made it so obvious that the Eagles wanted the game so very much more than the Giants. You'd think it was him who sailed an early throw that was picked off and changed the game. Was it Gilbride that instructed John Carney to push two field goals off the mark? And, yes, you'd even think it was him that failed to execute on what were some very curious play calls in the fourth quarter.

But shouldn't backs like Derrick Ward and Brandon Jacobs, both about to be paid very handsomely, be able to push for a simple yard or two when need be?

Shouldn't the offensive line boasting two Pro Bowlers be able to move the pile enough to give Eli Manning the inch or two he needed?

Seriously, Gilbride hardly called a good game against the Eagles, but this loss is also the fault of so many others before you can lay it all at the feet of the offensive coordinator.

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