Nick Greisen - Exerpts from player diary

'Next year I will not be playing scout team' - LB Nick Greisen in his player diary

Player Diary
By Nick Greisen

'Next year I will not be playing scout team'

I've never played scout team before in my life. I absolutely hate it. I can't let someone just come up and hit me. I have to either go 100 percent or just come up and stop; I can't go in between that. I want to fight every day. I want to fight one of the offensive linemen every day.

I told myself that next year I will not be playing scout team. I'm going to do everything in my ability to be a starter. I want to play in this league. I have the confidence that I can play in this league. I can make big plays and can definitely help this defense out. I'll play wherever I need to. Sam's not my position; it's either Mike or Will. But let me play. I hate scout team; that's all I can say about that.

But I love my role on the kickoff coverage team. I like to get people excited so I'll wave my arms and jump around before we kick off. I never really did that in college, but being out there, you need everyone celebrating before a kickoff. I want to get the crowd up and at the same time, they're getting me up. I love it. That's just something that's part of my personality. I'm very intense on the field. And some of the people in the stands have already started noticing me for that.

Next year, if I'm still on kickoff team, I want to get a little crazy crew out there. I want to get a section of fans with a sign or something. I need a crazy crew so I can go over there and start doing stuff in front of them. I'm wacko on the field. I have to go back to the huddle early before kickoffs because I'm out of breath from being back in the end zone trying to get everyone hyped up. I need a little more response out of you fans. I'm going to work on something for next year. As long as we get a crazy crew next year, I'll be happy.

Playing in the NFL has been quite an adjustment to me. The whole NFL experience is different in general. You have to get used to the guys and the lifestyle. I'm from Wisconsin. This is all an eye-opener to me. I'm coming from a town of less than 10,000 people and now I'm surrounded by millions of people. Just figuring out how to live is an experience.

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