Going For Another Spin

In a bit of a surprise move, David Carr has agreed to re-sign with the Giants for next season.

Obviously the Giants wanted Carr back – and they got him. But it's a little confusing why Carr wouldn't want to at least test the waters and look for a new employer where he could compete for the starting spot.

However, Carr will return in 2009 as Eli Manning's backup quarterback. Carr, who joined the Giants last year, played in three games in 2008.

Carr, who is entering his eighth NFL season, threw only 12 passes last year in reserve of Manning. He completed nine for 115=2 0yards and two touchdowns. Carr saw his most extensive action in the regular season finale in Minnesota, where he played the entire second half and hit eight of 11 passes for 110 yards and a score.

Despite his limited playing time, Carr was an important contributor to the NFC East champions as the scout team quarterback in practice. Carr was equally adept at impersonating drop-back quarterbacks such as Kurt Warner and those more nimble on their feet, like Donovan McNabb.

"We are excited about having David Carr back," Coach Tom Coughlin said. "He did a very good job of preparing our defensive team this past year. David helped us prepare for the opponent's offensive scheme, whether it included a quarterback who was mobile or a drop-back game. The coaches were very pleased with what he did and I just hope it gets better."

Carr takes great pride in helping prepare the defense by giving an accurate portrayal of the opposing quarterback.

"When the season starts Eli gets all the reps, so that is really the only time I get to work on some things in a live situation," Carr said. "At the same time I am trying to give them looks, I am trying to work on things in my game that I can improve. I am talking to the defense constantly about what they are doing and trying to help them any way I can from a quarterback's perspective and they return the favor and do the same thing to me. It was a real good situation. Coach Spagnuolo and I had a really good relationship and Coach Coughlin and everybody, we just got along great. It was all positive for me last year and it was something that they made it comfortable for me to come back."

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