Andy Reid comments on "playoff" game Sat

"What a great atmosphere for a football game. I know that both teams are looking forward to playing each other. It has become quite a rivalry over the last few years and probably more than that. It is exciting and I think both sides look forward to playing." - Eagles coach Andy Reis

Q: How much does the win and the top seed really mean to you?

A: That would be the icing on the cake.  You would love to have that but the
other part of that is you surely know that the most important thing is that
you get yourself into the playoffs and what you do once you are in.  It
shouldn't matter where you are at.  But that would be a great thing. 

Q: How different is this Giants club from the one that you defeated earlier
this season?

A: I just think that they are playing confident football.  They feel very
good about themselves and they should.  They are knocking people around on
defense and flying to the ball.  Offensively they are making plays and the
O-Line is blocking and doing a nice job.  Kerry is on fire.  They should feel
really good about themselves and they deserve that because they are playing
very good football right now.

Re: The decision to stick with Feeley as quarterback

A: It really came down to a medical decision and we didn't feel that Koy was
quite ready.  He is very competitive but we just felt that the arm wasn't
quite ready.  I mentioned to the media here that in the Oakland game against
Denver you saw Shannon Sharpe with the exact same injury, though maybe not
quite as severe as Koy's.  But it was at the same time and basically the same
injury and he took a bit of a hit on it and had to come out of the game.  At
the quarterback position you just can't afford to do that.  We just felt that
it was better that we wait and make sure that thing is right to where he can
fully extend it and bend it and so on, and can function a
little better.

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