Q&A with Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins has been named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his outstanding performance at Indianapolis. Collins completed 23 of 29 passes for 366 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. His quarterback rating was a perfect 158.3, the first Giant to achieve the highest possible rating since Fran Tarkenton on Oct. 25, 1970.

Kerry Collins Q&A

Q: How much better is this team playing now then the last time these teams
faced each other?
A: I think we are playing better. I think we are executing better offensively
and we are taking care of the ball better. You need to do both against this
defense because they are playing great. They are the kind of defense that
makes you be patient. To think we are going to go out there and make a lot of
big plays against them, we are kidding ourselves.

Q: Are you a desperate team right now?
A: I would say we are very desperate. We have to win this game. If we don't
win, we go home. It's about as desperate as you can get.

Q: Is there something specific about their defense that separates them from
other defenses?
A: I think one thing this defense does or doesn't do, is give up big plays.
Usually, you see a defense and they give up a big play some of the time.
These guys, you just don't see anybody get past them. Obviously, their
secondary is playing great. They are athletic. Their linebackers are making
plays all over the field. Their defensive line is probably the most improved
part of their defense. There is not a weakness on this defense. You have to
be patient. You can't expect to get a lot of big plays. You just have to be
patient and put some drives together.

Q: You expect to see Shockey for the game after he missed practice today?

A: Jeremy will be fine. He will be ready to go Saturday. It will be hard to
keep him off the field.

Re: the offense clicking.
A: I think we are executing a lot better. We are taking care of the ball a
lot better also. We haven't had a lot of turnovers lately. And I think we
have just gotten good at what we have been doing. We haven't changed a lot.
We are basically running a lot of the same stuff we have been running all
year. I think we have just gotten better and better and as a result we are
scoring more points and just moving the ball better on the whole.

Q: Is it fitting that two rival teams can play spoiler in the finale?

A: I think it is. You look at the NFL and the matchups they have this week
and they couldn't have scripted it better for themselves. For us, you have to
love playing in a game like this. It is going to be emotional. It is going to
be physical. It's going to very competitive. It's one of those games that you
just want to enjoy.

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