Practice Notes

Pro Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey made only a brief appearance at Giants Stadium on Thursday.

"He came in today and he's really sick," Head Coach Jim Fassel said. "He was
throwing up all morning. I think he was sick last night. We gave him some
fluids and sent him home, for two reasons. One, it does no good having him
here. And I don't want him around other guys, giving them what he's got. He
was just feeling lousy. I don't want a guy around here throwing up in the
locker room."

Fassel said he expects Shockey to return to work tomorrow and believes he
will certainly be ready play Saturday, when the Giants host the Philadelphia
Eagles with an NFC playoff berth on the line.

"He'll play Saturday," Fassel said. "There's no question in my mind he'll be
out here tomorrow. Sometimes I get concerned because a guy with the flu is in
a little bit of a weakened condition. But I think he'll be fine. When that
ball is kicked off, I don't worry about Jeremy Shockey."

Shockey's teammates have no doubt he'll be in the lineup.

"Jeremy will be fine," QB Kerry Collins said. "He will be ready to go
Saturday. It will be hard to keep him off the field."

"He'll be ready to go," TE Dan Campbell said. "He'll definitely play. He
might want to wear a diaper or something like that, though."

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