Playoff scenarios

The Giants will learn tomorrow whether they are the NFC's fifth or sixth seed. If the Atlanta Falcons lose in Cleveland, the Giants will be No. 5. Should the Falcons prevail, the Giants would be sixth.

Even though they will know their seed by 4 p.m. tomorrow, it might be a while
before the Giants learn who they will face in their first postseason game.

If they are seeded fifth, their first-round opponent will be...
      a) San Francisco if Tampa Bay beats Chicago Sunday night OR St. Louis
defeats the 49ers on Monday.
     b) Tampa Bay if Chicago defeats Tampa Bay AND San Francisco beats St.

Should they be seeded sixth, they would play...
    a)    Tampa Bay if the Bucs defeat the Bears AND Green Bay defeats
the Jets or Chicago beats Tampa Bay AND St. Louis defeats San Francisco.
    b)    Green Bay if the Jets beat the Packers AND Tampa Bay defeats
    c)    San Francisco if Chicago beats Tampa Bay AND the 49ers
defeat St. Louis.

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