Player comments

Here are some comments from Giants players on the Philly win and their coach.

Jeremy Shockey:

Is Jim Fassel the main reason why you guys can keep coming back?

Yes. Everybody believes in him. All of you guys in here that counted us out and said that the Giants were down, and talking bad about us, I shouldn't even be in here talking to you guys. With Coach Fassel we all trust him, we all believe in him, and we know that if we listen to him he has been putting us in great situations all year. We have blown a couple of games but we really stuck together and listened to him and he guided us through it.

Kerry Collins

Is Jim Fassel vindicated.

No question. Look at what happened to our team after he took over the (play calling) duties. You have to give him credit. He made the changes that he needed to make. That is the bottom line. As an offense, I think we had a great second-half to the year. We really turned it around. We had injuries and it was tough in that respect. But, Jim deserves a lot of credit for doing what he did.

Tiki Barber

Some people might say that you got a little lucky making the playoffs. But with the job that Coach Fassel is doing, wouldn't you agree that he makes his own luck?

 Luck is part of football. You know, if it wasn't for luck, then why would we be playing this game? Things happen, you make you own luck sometimes, and sometimes they make their own luck. I guess David Akers missing that field goal was our luck.

Tiki, after the third fumble, as you were walking off the field, were you thinking to yourself, "that's it, that's our season?"

No, I was thinking they're going to kick a field goal and we have to go back out. We have to find a way to win. Coach Studesville was huge in keeping my confidence going. He's a young guy, so he kind of relates to me. He said, "You know, we rode you all the way here, and we're going to ride you all the way through." You know it was encouraging to hear that. They never gave up on me. Coach Fassel never gave up on me.

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