Punting problems plague Giants

As well as things have gone for New York lately, there's no denying that the punting of Matt Allen has been nothing short of atrocious. In an exclusive interview with TGI, Special Teams Coach Bruce Read tells why.

"We were 10th in the league in gross punt prior to bringing Tom Rouen in, but we tailed, we're like 26th now," Read said. "Matt's not a real high-rep guy. That bothers me in the sense that he doesn't like to work a lot at what he does. He feels like his body won't let him do a lot of reps. I look at him and say, ‘you're inconsistent, you need a lot of work, get out there and kick.' I'll tell him to kick 100 balls and he'll kick 25 or 30 and he's done. We clash on that. I told him straight up that I think he should do more. You can't feel what he's feeling so you have to trust him.

"He's young and has done some bonehead things that have driven me nuts. Not watching the 25-second clock one time on a field goal. Then he's run for the first down on dropped punts. You'd assume that he'd be okay with that stuff. You talk about it and go through everything, then he just spaces (out) in the game. That makes you nervous about him.

"He punted well in Indianapolis. If he can only punt well indoors, then maybe New York and Giants Stadium isn't the place for him. I can't put a finger on it, because fundamentally, he's pretty sound. He has a lot of natural talent. He has a real high natural point of contact. He punts the ball high. He just has to get more consistent on Sundays."

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